Chapter 10

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POV Rosalie

On my walk to the Mikaelson plantation I felt my phone buzzing repeatedly making me growl in annoyance

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On my walk to the Mikaelson plantation I felt my phone buzzing repeatedly making me growl in annoyance.

Yanking it out I press the answer button.

"I'm a busy person so tell me what you want." I spoke and heard a giggle on the other side of the phone.

"Is she always this grumpy?"

I sigh rolling my eyes. Of course it's going to be Maria and Davina calling me.

"Can I help you ladies with something?" I spoke more nicely and opened the bag I brought with me.

"I was wondering if you can come here. Marcel is about to be here soon and I need you to be here." Maria spoke and I sigh.

"Yeah I will be there in a minute." I spoke before putting my phone in my bag and swinging it closed.

I sigh before vamp speeding to the church. I got there in a huff, my hair in different directions making me pat it down.

I really need a car god dammit. I'm going to make a purchase.

Slipping inside I look to the father and nod my head to him in silent confirmation.

I silently walk up to him and smile softly. "Hello father."

He looks to me with a soft nod. "Hello....miss..." I shook down before looking up.

"Rose. You may call me rose." I said with a hand out to shake and he gripped my hand in a firm shake yet I was sucked into darkness.

I frown looking around from the ground when I realize I'm still in the church.

Why am I in the church?

I look to see a boy who helps the pastor and look at the group in front of me.

What...what am I watching?

They were saying a soft prayer when I see the blonde boy bring out a knife and my eyes widen.

"Watch out!" I yelled yet it was like no one could hear me because I watched as the boy massacred the group before slicing his own throat.

My breath was caught in my throat as I shivered in fear. I felt my human anxiety race through my veins.

I willed my legs to walk forward and watched as my boots stepped into the pools of blood. Those screams being so loud and intense.

Tears welled in my eyes. Yet my attention was drawn to the doors opening and watching as the father ran in with wide eyes.

He looked to the bodies and drop to floor crying out and just slowly looked around the room. Blood spread across the wooden floor, walls, seats.

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