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| Three Years Earlier - Blair is fifteen in this chapter |

You can never fully comprehend or understand how drunk you are until you're either shovelling food into your mouth while missing or you're sat on the toilet unable to hold yourself up as your body slumps against the bathroom wall.

And right now, it happened to be the latter. I found myself sitting on top of the toilet lid, my body leaning awkwardly with my head weighing heavy on my shoulders as I looked in the direction of the sink.

I snorted amused, and snickered as my best friend Kyra groaned, her hands gripping the sink tightly as she attempted to hold herself up as she vomited.

"Urgh, I should not have had those tequila shots. My head is spinning." She complained making me laugh even more as she threw up again.

I, myself, was beginning to feel the effects as my mind spun into its own world of dizziness and euphoria, the alcohol hitting me all at once.

Standing up, I approached Kyra just as she began raiding the cupboard for mouth wash, swirling it around her mouth before spitting it.

She moved her head, looking up at me as a playful pout, her lips pursing as she fake annoyance. "We're so dead, you know."

"I don't mind as long as it's Maverick that kills me." I smirked, my words slurring slightly making Kyra snort. "That's because he's your mate."

I shrugged my shoulders with a grin etched across my face. "But seriously, if Maverick or Karson find out we were here they will lose their shit, they did tell us we weren't allowed to be here." I laughed before heading for the door.

Karson was Kyra's twin brother, and their mom Tilly was my mom's best friend and had been since she was a baby. Maverick had told us that we weren't allow to come since it was for seniors and above only. Karson was excluded from this rule.

I rolled my eyes at the thought, then swayed slightly as I headed towards the bathroom door, my feet unsteady and unable to grip the floor properly.  I went to grab the handle of the door, tugging at it continuously, only for it to refuse to open.

I groaned, turning to Kyra with an exacerbated expression. "It won't open."

She frowned, her own body unable to balance herself as she approached me. In her own attempt to open the door as she began yanking at it. "It won't open." She repeated.

"Why won't it open?" I groaned, growling in frustration as the door continued to refuse to open, the door jamming.

Kyra's laughter suddenly filled the air causing me to look back at her as she leaned against the wall.

"We didn't unlock the door. We're so fucking stupid." Her chest rising and falling as she couldn't stop her uncontrollable laughter, as she smacked her hand over her face, her dimples prominent.

I pursed my lips as I attempted to hold my laughter in as I looked up, noticing that we had indeed locked the door when we entered the bathroom, too drunk to remember.

I rolled my eyes, my hand slowly reaching up to slide the lock open, pulling the door open with a huge grin, grabbing Kyra's hand and pulling her downstairs for more shots.

Our alcoholic drinks were mixed with a tonic full of medication, it was the only way for a werewolf to get drunk. Our bodies needed it to suppress our wolves, to stop our metabolism from being so tolerant.

We dodged past all the drunken bodies that occupied the landing and the stairs. Some had either passed out or were simply unable to hold themselves up.

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