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- These scenes are all unedited, read at your own discretion lol - 

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- These scenes are all unedited, read at your own discretion lol - 

This scene would have been placed at the very beginning of chapter 28 (the one where they're at the game where Micah gets injured and then they meet the guys in the lobby after the game) but it didn't ~ flow ~ the way I wanted it to so I decided to cut it. 


"We can't be late!" Jenny chides, corralling me and Nia through the parking lot toward the arena, "I want to watch them walk in, it's my favorite part,"

I send a confused look toward Nia, because out of the entire basketball game experience, I can't imagine that watching the team walk into the arena - not even onto the court - is somehow better than watching the actual game, but Nia just shrugs as Jenny has us practically jogging across the huge parking lot toward the entrance of the arena.

Apparently it's tradition that the team walks from the practice gym to the arena together before every game, and based on the huge crowd currently congregated outside of the side entrance designated for players, coaches, and staff only, I'm guessing everyone else likes to watch the players make their entrance too.

The crowd is predominantly made up of guys decked out in WSU basketball shirts, hats, and I even spot a few near the back in full body paint with Tristan's last name painted in huge letters on their upper back. Since the crowd has an average height of 6'2, Jenny has to strategically route us through the drunken bodies, and I start to feel a little anxious when a few of the guys turn to look at us in the middle of the huge mob, but Jenny tugs my hand hard and I'm able to breathe a sigh of relief when we make it to the front edge of the crowd. Nia's hand is crushed tightly in my other hand as I pull her behind me and I take a step closer to Jenny to make sure she has room to stand at the front too.

"They're coming," Jenny gasps, and I lean forward to try to get a better look at what the entire crowd is now straining to see. The first figure that turns the corner is a short, bald older man who I recognize instantly from the posters around campus and the few interviews that the school paper has done with him; Coach Robert Kennley.

The rest of the team rounds the corner behind him, and I spot Tristan instantly.

It only takes half of a second for me to realize why Jenny drove like a madwoman to get here on time. The entire team is dressed up to the nines. Full suits. Ties. Dress shoes. And let me just say, it's a sight.

"Do they always wear suits?" I croak, and then clear my throat quickly when Nia grins at me.

"James said their coach makes them," Jenny nods, and I catch her knowing smile, the one that says, you're welcome for giving you this beautiful sight. I just grin back and elbow her lightly in her side.

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