When and how you two hug

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You can imagine yourself how you both met. I can't promise that this book will be good or in-character but I will try my best.

Also, I will do both Marinette and Ladybug, Adrien and Chat Noir since they all have different personalities but they will of course sometimes have the kind of same reactions.

I will not do requests involving babies or anything that can make the reader female or male (so no "when you are on your period" or such...), the reader is whatever gender you are.

I will start adding more characters while doing this book. Requests are always open.


She will be blushing, hesitating but when you hug her, she will smile then hug back.Whenever you two hug, you two can just feel the love for each other. Of course after the hug, she will be freaking out then run away to go rant to Alya.

Ladybug: (You can choose yourself whether you also want to be a hero or not. Such choices are up to you.)

As Ladybug, Marinette has more confident so she will just hug you then let go since she has a city to protect. Her hugs will be hurried but their more of a way to say "I love you but I have to go".


He loves to hug you, show you how much he loves you. Sometimes he will push his face in your neck, trying to get away from all the stress he has sometimes. Of course can both only hug and kiss whenever his father isn't watching.

Chat Noir: (You can choose yourself whether you also want to be a hero or not. Such choices are up to you.)

Chat Noir is such a flirt so it's no surprise he's always trying to hug you. He loves to hug your waist while making flirty comments. You would have to remind him that he has a city to protect so that he would stop hugging you and continue his work.


She will give you a hug when she sees you and a hug as a bye when she goes home. She isn't really a fan of hugging someone every minute. Her hugs are more a hello and a bye. Neither of you really mind the lack of hugs. Sometimes she will hug you out of excitement though.


When he sees you haven't seen him yet, he will sneak behind you then hug you, laughing at the shocked/surprised noise you make. Sometimes when you or him are talking to friends, he will do his arm around your waist and hold you against his side.


She hugs you a lot to show others your hers. So her hugs are more of a way to say "He/she is MINE!". When alone, she will only hug you when she needs a shoulder to cry.

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