Chapter 8

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Ethan Pov

I have a child, a daughter and she hates me. I guess Raven would have told her what happened

The way she was smiling and talking to my parents and siblings but, when she looked at me with her mother's face, I knew she was angry at me.

Raven's parents were crying even her brother was also crying. His wife had to console them, what a good daughter-in-law. It was sad since their daughter did not say anything to them but they understood why she was angry, they did hurt her after all.

When we got home my family was just busy talking about how cute Blue was.

"Whoa I can't believe she has a daughter and she still looks sexy as hell," my pervert brother said while wiggling his eyebrow at me. "Now that she's single, maybe I can finally tap that", he continued to anger me.

I got angry, ready to hit the dumbass.

"Whoa calm down dude I was just joking", he said while laughing and others joined him. I looked at them and said, "It's not funny guys. She didn't even talk to me, only you guys but I'm her father". I sighed.

My mother just turned to me and said, "What did you expect? I'm sure she asked about you and we both know Raven, she will never lie to her, I just hope she didn't say any horrible things about us to that little girl".

"Mom come on, stop it. Raven wouldn't do that, if she did, she would not have introduced her to us, Adrianna insisted.

I just looked at my mom and asked, "What should I do mom, I have a child and she hates me!".

My mom says, "They will come tomorrow. You will do everything you can to get to know your daughter".

"But what about Raven? I want her back", I whined like a little child.

My mom just glared at me and said, "Try working things out with your daughter first before you talk to Raven. We all need to apologize as well. I hope she forgives us", my mom said.

The next day

I woke up very early. I could not even sleep. I was going to see my daughter and Raven today.

I went downstairs for breakfast. I didn't even go to work. My parents told me they were coming over for dinner. I was so happy.

I heard the doorbell. I knew they were the ones that came, I opened the door for them.

Blue ran to my parents and hugged them. Even my siblings started talking. She was talking to them happily. I turned and looked at Raven. She was smiling at Blue but she did not even look at me.

After dinner she continued talking about her friends and school, I tried asking her questions but she did not even acknowledge me she just continued talking to my family
I was angry.

I turned her chair to face me and asked her, "Why are you not answering me", I pouted.

"Geez what a baby!" I am pouting in front of my child.

"I am your father you are supposed to talk to me".

She just looked at me and said, "You are not my father. I don't even want a father, I'm happy living alone with my mom. I don't need you in my life" she stood up and ran outside.

Raven just looked at me and said, "A nice way to start a conversation with your daughter" and she left.

I turned to look at my family. They were angry so I went outside to apologize but they already left. What have I done?

Raven Pov

Today we were going to see Ethan's family and I was nervous and happy that they were willing to get to know their granddaughter.

And Blue was so happy that she was going to see her grandparents again.

I told Amanda about it. She was more excited than I was, she wanted me to get back with Ethan telling me he was too damn handsome.

I had already told my sister what was going on. She called letting me know that "our parents" were angry that she didn't tell them where I was. Like it's none of their business to ask such irrelevant things after what they did to me.

When we got there she was so excited to see them, she talked to them even after dinner she was still talking, that girl sure loves talking but when her father tried talking to her she just ignored him which made Ethan angry.

After what he said Blue was so angry and ran outside she was crying she told me she wanted to go home so we got in my car and I drove off.

When we got home she was really angry, she went inside her room and was crying. I tried cheering her up by playing our favourite cartoon after she stopped crying but it did not work. So I went out and bought her ice cream, yeah which brightened her up.

I asked her why she was so angry with her father she just said, "He left you, mama, he did not even look for you why will he want me he doesn't even love me" I sighed.

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