Chapter 7

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I told him I was dating his brother but he said, "So what I just want to have sex with you nobody will know, we can keep it a secret", stupid boy.

I later found out he made a bet that he was going to have sex with me. Thank God I refused him like I was ever going to accept him, but he's very very handsome, oh my, what am I saying!

So to see all of them here smiling at me like, we have got along so well earlier, was so surprising.

And to add up all the surprises and shock Blue ran up to me and said, "Mommy I'm tired. I want to go home ".

This is not how I expected all of them to meet. Especially Blue and Ethan.

Ethan Pov

I know Raven was mad at me with that face. I was about to say something else when my family came from nowhere and hugged her.

My mom was the first before the rest. Raven was too shocked because my mom and I never got along.

Even the rest of my family never liked her but when I told them about the divorce, I was surprised by what my family had to say about it.

I mean I was thinking they would be happy that I ended things because she was cheating. And since they never liked her I was expecting them to say "I told you so", but that was not the scenario.

My mom never liked Raven and for her to say that was very surprising. And there was Adrianna. She just looked at me and said, "You are a big fool."

I was angry. I mean why will she say that to me. She said, "If you didn't trust her then why the hell did you marry her? Someone like Raven is not even capable of cheating", I wanted to speak.

She just looked at me and sighs, "I know me and Raven don't get along, but I came back to make things right and now you have destroyed my chances of making things right between us you dumbass" she said staring at me. 

And also Nathan, when he came back and saw us sitting as if someone had died, he asked what happened and I told him Raven was cheating on me, he just laughed and told me that, "Dude it's not possible, Raven would never cheat on you", he said.

"I asked her out and even seduced the bitch no offence bro but she did not accept me. Why do you even think I hate her? She was the first and only girl to reject this body", I rolled my eyes at him.

When I turned to my dad he just said, "Fix this son". That was how the search started and up until today.

When my mom was about to talk to her, a little girl ran up to Raven and said, "Mommy I'm tired. I want to go home".

To say I was stunned was an understatement. Does Raven have a child? When? How? Why? She's married?

I looked at her again, but there was no ring on her finger, I looked at the girl very well she had my eyes and hair I turned to Raven and asked,
"Raven, is she mine?".

Raven Pov

When Blue told me she wanted to go home and I saw the way Ethan was looking at me, then Blue and he asked the question I was not ready to answer "Raven is she mine".

"Mom, is he my dad?" Blue asked.
I looked at Blue and said yes. She looked at me and then back at Ethan and said, "So he is the one that left you".

I just nod my head. Then she asked again, "But who are they?".

I just pointed and said, " They are your grandparents and aunts and uncle".

"So I have family from his side and they are good", she questioned. I just nodded.

She looked at them and turned back to me, "Mom can we go home now?".

"Sure baby, but won't you like to talk to your grandparents or your father?''.

She just looked at Ethan and said, "I don't want to talk to him".

"Okay, that's alright. But what about them?". I looked towards Ethan's family.

She ran to Ethan's parents and said, "Hi, my name is Blue!", she turned to Peter and said, "Grandpa, can I come and visit you and Grandma tomorrow?".

Sydney and Peter were so happy and started crying. Gosh, the drama, what's with the tears.

They were so happy that they had a granddaughter, they just nodded their head saying "yes love you can come and see us tomorrow".

She hugged them and turned to the rest and hugged them as well before saying, "I don't know your name yet but I hope we will see each other tomorrow since you are all my family now".

They just smiled at her and nodded their heads since everyone was still shocked to see that they had a niece and granddaughter.

Even my parents, who were sitting a little bit far away, were surprised to see I had a child. My parents and brother were in tears. So was I, a few years back. But did they care? No, so do I.

I just held my daughter's hand and said goodnight. I left with my chin high.

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