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MUSIC: Light On by Maggie Rogers, The Night We Met by Lord Huron

     2 years later

     Everything is perfect. Maybe a little too perfect? I probably went a bit overboard with the decorations. But it's okay, Vincent and I really want this day to be a special one. It doesn't hurt to go through the list one more time. The party starts in two hours anyway, so there's plenty of time. I grabbed my tablet from my bag and started scanning the whole area to see if I missed anything. Tables and chairs are neatly wrapped in white linen and baby blue ribbons. Check. White and baby blue balloons are tied to the gift table. Check. There's the buffet table, dessert table, cotton candy cart, puppet theatre and three giant bouncy castles. Wait. Are three bouncy castles enough? Or should I call them up and ask them to deliver one more? I knew I should've convinced Vincent for a simple birthday party, but according to him, this is a simple birthday party.

     "Why are you still out here?" Vincent wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing his lips on my right cheek. "You've invested so much of your time for this party. You should go back in and rest before the party starts."

     I smiled and turned my head to kiss him in the lips. "How is he?"

     "He's doing fine. He's upstairs sleeping. All his cousins are going to be here today, and you know they'll never leave him alone. Aylene's up there with him, so don't worry too much."

     I nodded. "Yep, let him sleep, that way he's not cranky later on."

     "Right." Vincent laughed.

     I leaned against the rail with my head tilted at Vincent. He slipped his hands in his pockets. "What?"

     "Do you think this is a little too much for a first birthday? I already told you months ago that all I wanted was a simple birthday party."

     "But this is a simple birthday party."

     "Maybe to you, but this isn't simple at all. Simple is just both our families and a few close friends," I sighed, running a hand down my face. "I'm sorry."

     "Come here," he pulled me to his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist. "I understand. You're still not used to this kind of life, Daph. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. I promise."

     "It's okay," I said, lifting my head up to look at him. "It's all my fault. You wanted to hire an event planner but I insisted on doing everything by myself. I need to remind myself not to do that again."

     "Yes. Please don't ever do that again," he held the back of my head and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Now let's go back in and rest. It's going to be a long night."

     We both went back inside our room. As we stepped inside, we found Aylene with Elijah in her arms. She was singing to him in front of the window. She turned around as soon as she heard us come in. She gently placed Elijah back in his crib.

     "I'm going back downstairs to get us some water. I'll be back." Vincent gave a little wave to Aylene before he slipped out of the room.

     "I'm really happy for you." Aylene sat down on the sofa and reached for her cup of coffee. She took a quick sip and placed it back down on the table. Her eyes remained on Elijah. I don't know how many times she mentioned being happy for me since she learned the news that I was pregnant. But every time she spoke, you could easily tell that sadness is the only thing that shows. Even her eyes can't hide what she really feels.

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