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Me and Nae got to the restaurant, I got out and Nae followed behind me. Of course paparazzis spotted us and started taking all these fucking pictures it was no way to dodge any of them.

"Everything okay with my babies?"

"Yeah everything is good, We still havent told the kids we will soon though."

"How do you think Kam is going to feel? He wanted Kross so bad but when he came he was over it. I explained to him that he has to give him some time to grow up"

"I honestly don't know.. he's good with Kross but like you said sometimes he don't be feeling the crying and extra shit. Him and Emani thinks more attention is on Kross than them"

"Because it is"

"If you say so, I don't think so"

"What about Mani Mon?"

"I doubt if she cares she doesn't mind Kross shenanigans she knows he a baby. Kam has always been the only child stuff had to change once I got with Hussle"

"Everything just feels so different now, one day we met him at his store for you.. Monthssss later relationship.... yearsss.... weeeks... y'all are in a like.... real life relationship... a family... this conversation was long over due"

"What conversation? If this the conversation then girl this is longgg overdue"

"Are you inlove? Or do you love him? I mean I know I waited until deeeep onto the relationship to ask you this and Don't say yeah just because Nipsey probably said he loves you" Nae adjusted her shirt.

"I love him bu-"

"Its no buts.. its a question"

"Why would I be with someone I'm not Inlove with?"

"Girl im just talking... but are you? Its real deep, y'all deep in.. I mean the relationship going far but I've seen this before. Like with Wayne it was good the yearsss then shit happened and it just went the opposite way"

"Hussle and Wayne is different, That's not going to happen with Hussle. I love him Nae and I'm in love with him he's great."

"Awwww my baby is in love love"

I laughed and shook my head, I know for Nae she just be wanting the best for me but this conversation should've been held, I think that even then it would've been the same result that I love him.

"So when do you guys plan on telling everyone?"

"Um.... I ... We might tell the kids today"

"Want me to be there or y'all got it?"

"It's up to you, I don't want Kam to be upset with me or anything. He went from being the only child to having to share his mommy now it's going to be again."

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