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Link: *Sleeping*

Vaati: Heh, I am going to get him good…

Toby: *Bugging Masky*

Masky: *Sighs* Yes, Tobias?

Toby: M-may I sit n-next *Tics* to you?

Masky: *Blushes and smiles* Sure Tobster

Toby: Yay! *Moves close to Masky*

Masky: You know I think I will allow you to call me Tim.

Toby: *Blushes* T-thanks.

Masky: *Blushes*

Ganondorf: *Gags* Eew are you gay?

Masky: *Sneers* So what if I am its not your business

Ganondorf: If I can see it your making it my business

Masky: Then go elsewhere *Growls*

Ganondorf: *Growls*

Ghirahim: Questuon, why is she not back yet? Why are NONE of the girls back? I am feeling a bit down now that miss Fi is nowhere to be found…

Jeff: *Sighs* It is quite gloomy without her

Randy: *Rolls eyes* Face it joker reject, your in love with her

Jeff: Shut it!

Dark Link: Oh, please. Your a villain and a killer both do not stand a chance. *Smirks*

Liu: I can simply wipe that smirk off your face if you don't mind ya own!

Jeff: *Sighs*

Ganondorf: Not if I get her first!

Dark Link: No, leave her alone. It's obviously proven multiple times that she cannot stand your presence.

Ganondorf: *Laughs* Yeah, right….

Ben: Dark is right. You cannot force someone to love you. She doesnt love you theres nothing you can say or do to change her mind. *Smirks*

Ganondorf: I am king of Gerudo I can make anyone-

Dark Link: *Pulls sword* You really want to go there?!

Ganondorf: *Falls silent*

Masky: A proper king wouldn't force someone to do anything. Quite frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if she chooses Jeff a million times over you

Jeff: *Chokes on drink*

Ganondorf: *Sweats*

Ghirahim: Master, is something bothering you?

Ganondorf: W-what? N-no...*Clears throat* I will be back I am getting lunch.

Vaati: Get me a sandwich!

Ganondorf: Fine.

Jeff: Finally someone got him to shut up!

Dark: I'll say so *Sheaths sword*

Vaati: *Goes to Link*

Ben: *Laughs* I can see how this will play out

Skull Kid: What are you going to do to him?

Zant: Draw a mustache on him.

Vaati: What??? No! That is lame. We are gonna do something more fun and wild than that!

Ben: *Gliches* I could probably do better.

Skull Kid: OOHH! What is it?!?

Dark Link: Shut up, Skull! We have to be quieter than that! *Growls*

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