Chapter 37

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"Declan." I choke.

He gives me that heart wrenching smile, "Ellie."

When it comes out of his lips I begin to cry. Hearing my name out of his lips slowly pieces me back together. "Hey hey beautiful girl don't cry, I kept my promise." I laugh a little, but I can't stop the tears.
Declan's POV:

One year later.

In a year my whole world has changed and it was for the better. Julian was in prison suffering multiple charges including child abuse, harassment, drug cultivation and manufacturing, etc. He would spend the rest of his miserable life there and I was more then okay with that.

Wes laid out all the details for me. After I was rushed to the hospital that day Julian attempted to get away, he failed obviously. The police found Julian in the woods hiding under brush and leaves, well the canines sniffed him out. At first I thought it was a joke, Julian running from his problems.

He was a fucking joke, a hypocritical coward. The thought of him scared running brought me pleasure.

Julian was a lot of things, cruel for sure but I never thought he would actually try to kill me. His shot was off but still after all the things he's done to me I didn't think he wanted me dead. But I guess I was wrong.

I haven't visited him and I don't plan to because if I do he will think I need closure or something but I don't. I will not visit him because there's no reason to, Ive always wanted him out of my life and now he finally is. Why waste my time on something that doesn't matter? And that was that.

I have a scar from the bullet to match the other ones Julian's has created. To be honest I like the scar, it makes me think of the times Julian has tried to break me and never could.

Of course with the scar, there are horrible memories that come with it. But not the memories you would think, it's not horrible because I was bleeding out on the floor. They were horrible because of the way Ella looked, the way she acted. I couldn't hold her in my arms, I couldn't kiss he rosy cheeks, and I couldn't tell her it was going to be okay.

I remember her face, she was horrified, I remember her screams, they were piercingly deafening. I remember seeing her crumble, I watched as every second that went by, pieces chipped off of her and she slowly lost herself.

She was a mess.

Her eyes, my gosh her eyes. They began to twitch, her body began to shiver. And that's the last thing I remember. Every time I close my eyes I see it, I hear it, I live it.

I never wanted to see my Ellie like that again, I've seen her struggle, I've seen her break down, I've seen her scared. But never do I want to see her the way she was that day.

Even Wes wasn't in the best shape. Usually he can keep himself together, but it was like he was struck by lightning. He was a happy guy and without his goofy smile or annoying behavior he just wasn't Wes. It killed me that I couldn't do anything about it either.
I couldn't wait for school to be over even though it just started. Usually I'm not this ansi but I have good reason to be. Today was Ella's first soccer game, her first time back since her father and I'm freaking ecstatic about it. I've never seen her play before and couldn't wait to watch her today.

I thought I would never be able to see her play. One day I brought it up , I know she loved the sport but stopped playing due to her tragic loss. Not only that, she held the guilt because of it.

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