Chapter Thirty-Four

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Chapter Thirty-Four

Brooke sat in the front seat of Brandon’s car, wrapped up in one of his hoodies with the heat blowing full force on her. ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ by Taylor Swift played softly from the radio. Brandon had an arm draped over his steering wheel.

“I’ve missed you.” Brandon said delicately.

Brooke didn’t say anything at first, but then gave into the silence. “Nick told me. He told me what you did.”

“What did I do?” Brandon asked, puzzled.

Brooke looked fiercely towards Brandon. She opened her mouth and then closed it, searching for the right way to put it. “I could’ve died.” Brooke finally said. “You hired a pair of guys to get drunk, go driving, and just happen to see my right outside of Nick’s house. How did you even know that I was going to be walking home? Do you stalk me?”

“Brooke, did you really not realize the white van that followed you home every day for a week. I knew at least one of those days you were going to end up walking. You always do.” Brandon said, turning himself towards the steering wheel. He stared at the white, brick building.

“That’s weird, Brandon.” Brooke looked at him and nodded.

“The gun wasn’t even loaded. It was a bee-bee gun.” Brandon admitted.

“Why did you just tell me you wanted to break up? Why did you try to plan something out?” Brooke asked humanely.

“I was afraid.” Brandon said after taking some time to think. Both of the teenagers faced the front, not looking anywhere but at the white building.

“Of what?” Brooke sniffed.

Brandon’s voice suddenly got shaky when he whispered, “That you were just gonna walk away.” His volume increased when he said, “It’s scary, Brooke. Being in a relationship with you. You always get up and walk away. Maybe if you hadn’t have done it so much, we’d still be together.”

“That’s complete crap, Brandon. You’re the one who always got up and walked away.” Brooke said, now looking out of her window. “And besides, we would’ve gotten sick of each other or you would’ve cheated or something.”

Brandon pulled the key out of the ignition, cutting the warm air off. He got up out of the front seat and closed his car door behind him. Brooke glared at him, jumping out of the car. She chased after him and into the building.

“See! This is what I mean!” Brooke yelled.

Brandon didn’t say anything but ripped the jacket off of Brooke’s shoulders and flew into the boys bathroom. Brooke shook her head and plopped down on a bench. Maddie walked out not to long after. She had obviously had a good rehearsal. She came out smiling and bouncing around with messy, fly-away hair.

“Hey Brookie.” Maddie said.

Brooke just sat, staring straight ahead. What have I done?

“Brooke?” Maddie asked. Brooke ignored her. But Maddie didn’t care. She repeated herself, “Brooke! Brooke!” Maddie snapped and clapped in front of Brooke’s face.

Brooke swung her legs over the bench and stood up on the other side. Maddie’s eyebrows pinched in, and she cocked her head slightly to the right.

“Brooke, why are you being like this?” Maddie asked, walking around the bench and the mats. She grabbed Brooke arm, but that was a big mistake on Maddie’s part.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Brooke screamed, “Let go and get out of here!” Brooke ripped her arm away. Before Maddie could say or do anything, Brooke pushed her down and continued to scream. “I’m SO done with you Madison! All you do is take something somebody else does or says and turn it around on you!”

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