Chapter 5: Wicked Woods

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It was Halloween night in Auradon, and Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Jay we're out trick-or-treating. Carlos looked at their clothes and his.
"Anyone notice that Halloween costumes here kinda just look like what we wear everyday." said Carlos.
"Please," said Evie. "They wish their costumes looked this good."
"I don't care, as long they keep giving me free candy." said Jay, eating some candy.
"Jay! Candy is for the kids!" said Mal.
"Last time I checked, VK doesn't stand for 'Villain Adult'." said Jay. Carlos laughed.
"He's not wrong." he said. He pulled out a piece of candy from the candy bag that turned out to be Butterscotch.
"Aw, gross. Butterscotch? That's grandpa candy, nobody eats these anymore." said Carlos. Then the bell from a tower behind them started chiming, then every door closed, every light got shut off and the fire of the candles went away, then it was nothing but the sound of wind.
"This is really strange." said Evie.
"And super creepy." said Carlos.
"Duh, it's Halloween. It's supposed to be scary." said Jay.
"Especially Halloween night in Auradon. The Headless Horseman is coming." said Mal.
"I'm sorry, the Headless what now?" asked Carlos, not hearing what Mal said. Then the wind blew harder and leaves from the trees started blowing away.
"The Headless Horseman." said Mal, then a flashback came.
"Long ago, our parents heard whispers of a villain, that got lost in the woods surrounding Auradon, but that wasn't the only lost that evening." In the flashback, Mal was referring to the man losing his head after getting cursed.
"Now, he's cursed to hunt the forest and every Halloween, he rises from the village to the bridge, searching for a new head!" shouted Mal, trying to scare them, but Evie was the only one that screamed. Jay and Carlos just went behind her.
"Uh, let's go home." said Evie.
"Good idea." said Jay, and they all ran straight to the woods.


When they were walking through the woods, Carlos heard whispers.
"Carlossssss.....," said the whispers. "Carlossssss.....".
Carlos got scared from this.
"Ok, maybe we should go another way." said Carlos.
"You can't really believe this scary story." said Mal, but right after she said that, they heard a laugh.
"It's the Headless Horseman!" yelled Carlos. Everybody looked and saw the Headless Horseman in front of them. Everybody got frightened and ran. Then, Mal saw a bridge.
"There's the bridge!" said Mal. Everybody ran to it, but Carlos tripped on a stick. Everybody turned around and saw Carlos had fallen and the Headless Horseman was near him.
"No more running." said Mal. As Jay and Evie went to pick Carlos up, Mal used her magic powers to stun the Headless Horseman, but when the Horseman fell, it turned out to be Audrey and Uma wearing a cloak and that the horse was just a regular horse.
"Uma! Audrey!" said Mal. Audrey and Uma knew they we're screwed.
"That was the best prank ever!" said Mal and they all started to laugh.
"We got you guys good." said Uma.
"You totally fell for it." said Audrey.
"Eh, I knew the whole time." said Jay.
"Then why are you hiding behind Evie?" asked Uma. Carlos and Jay got away from Evie's back.
"No candy for you." said Carlos.
"This is Halloween!" said Mal, and started singing a song. (This is where you play the song above.).

'Is someone there or just a chill in the air?
Do you hear that whisper when the wind blows?
Feels like there's spiders crawling all in your hair,
In the dark, there's a shadow in the window.
You can be afraid or you can be a fright
But you can't run from the fun tonight...

Oh, take me to the tomb
Where we dance like the banshee,
Howl at the moon scream
Ah, a nightmare or a dream
Don't be scared of the dead,
Keep your head on Halloween,
Keep your head on Halloween.

What's that I thought I heard?
Something wicked, not from this world.
Zombies marching, dragging their feet,
Look out! Vampires crossing the street,
Spirits rise in the night, out goes your flashlight.
You can't unsee what you've seen,
Keep your head on Halloween.

Oh, take me to the tomb
Where we dance like the banshee,
Howl at the moon scream
Ah, a nightmare or a dream
Don't be scared of the dead,
Keep your head on Halloween.

Oh, take me to the tomb
Where we dance like the banshee,
Howl at the moon scream.
Ah, a nightmare or a dream
Don't be scared of the dead
Keep your head on Halloween,
Keep your head on Halloween.'

"We better get this horse back before midnight." said Audrey.
"Is it gonna turn to a pumpkin or something?" asked Uma.
"Or a mouse, or a coachman, anything's possible." said Evie and they all laughed. They all said their farewells and they both started heading to Auradon in different ways.


While Uma and Audrey were walking through the forest with the horse, thunder was striking and the horse got so scared, it ran off. Then, they heard footsteps. They turned around and saw the REAL Headless Horseman.
"Hide!" whispered Audrey, and they behind the tree. The Horseman started laughing maniacally.
"We have to warn the others!" said Audrey and they ran. While Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Jay we're walking back to Auradon, the Headless Horseman and his horse appeared behind them and they turned around to see him there.
"Ok, won't work twice ladies," said Mal, and the four went towards him. "Ew, this costume smells old," The horse neighed, sounding offended. "That flame is crazy! Wait Uma, did you steal my dad's ember?".
"Again?" asked Jay. Carlos looked behind the horse and gasped.
"Ma-ma-ma-ma-Mal!" screamed Carlos. Mal looked at him and Carlos pointed ahead, where they saw Audrey and Uma running.
"Run! He's real!" yelled Audrey.
They all looked at him and Mal gave him back his pumpkin. The Horseman reached towards them and Carlos, frightened, put the candy bag in front of himself.
"Trick or Treat." said The Horseman. Mal took the candy bag from Carlis and have a candy to the Horseman.
"Butterscotch! My favorite!" said The Horseman.
"Um, ours too..." said Carlos. The Horseman threw the butterscotch to the pumpkin, litting it up.
"Happy Halloween!" said The Horseman and off he went with his horse, laughing.
"Now we know why this village keeps grandpa candy around!" said Mal.
"Right, but how is he gonna eat it without a head?" asked Carlos and they all laughed and went back to Auradon.
Hey guys. So I know this chapter is from the video "Wicked Woods" posted by the Descendants channel, but it since it's Descendants, I figured why not add this to this book, but if you want to watch the video, it's right here:
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