Chapter 1

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When they were younger.

Izu's POV

I and Kacchan were just playing and then Kacchan had to ask something. Before we get to that part tho my kingdom is a bit special. You see some guys can get pregnant which doesn't bug anyone yet. To say I am one of them. Next our moms are the best of friends so Auntie Mitsuki knows this and Kacchan doesn't yet. "Hey Izu what happens is your parents die and your kingdom was destroyed." "Well I will just escape and well live in the forest if I have to."

"Well what about you live with me." "You are the one to destroy it Kacchan and I know that." "So I will still want you with me and be my queen." I just blushed about that since we have been saying that for awhile now. "Then I will go to your kingdom and ask for you personally if you don't find me in the forest or I don't see you in the forest." I saw him smile them our moms called us over to them. "We have something that we want to tell you both."

This kinda got us nervous for a bit. "What is it." We both asked at the same time. "We found out that your grandparents made you two an arranged marriage to one another." We both said ok then went back to where we were. "Hey Kacchan how about we tell one another something the other doesn't know also you can go first." "Alright well I have some things picked out for the wedding already since I thought about asking you about it."

"That is nice and well mine is that you know how my kingdom guys can get pregnant well I am one of them." "That is amazing so we can have children." Kacchan then spinned me around and then kissed my cheek when he put me down. I just brought him into a proper one afterwards just so he can be my first kiss and no one else. "Why did you do that." "Well if we don't see one another for awhile and someone tries to kiss me and actually does then they would of been my first kiss but I don't want that so I kissed you."

"That makes sense." We then hugged one another then I didn't know he would but he kissed me deeper this time and of course I returned it. When we parted our foreheads rested on one another's. "I love you Izuku. "I love you to Katsuki." It was soon interrupted by my mom saying it was time to go. When me and mom got home she ordered me to stay in my room for the rest of the day. To which I went to my room and got out my spell books and wand.

Just don't tell my mother about this. Anyway I have already mastered all but one spell and potion that is made so far. I also learned how to use them without a wand but it is a bit more harder to control. I started to practice the teleportation spell again but this time knowing where to go. This time it worked also. So I looked around and grabbed the bag of spell books and went through the portal. On the other side I saw Kacchan just sitting at his desk and drawing.

Which I just put my bag down and carefully without a sound went up to him and hugged him. "W-WHA." Which he turned around fast and was about to hit me until he knew who it was. "Oh how are you here and why is there a bag of books over there and you holding a wand." "Well um I learned magic on my own and well I just mastered the last of the spells there is so far and wanted to see you."

"Well since you are here want to see if what I picked out for the future wedding is ok for it." "That sounds great." So we went through the entire thing and we had to change very little of some of the things. When we got done I had to ask Kacchan a quick question. "Do you think it is better using magic than not having a quirk." "Well I think you are better off only having magic and well I love you see you later." "Love you too Kacchan and cya."

I grabbed my books again but after I gave him a kiss and opened another portal and went through it. I then quickly hid all of my magical things and just in time since my mom came into the room. "Come on it is supper time." "Ok I am coming." Me and mom usually just sit in silence listening to my grandma and grandpa. "Hey Inko how is the idea of your son to start learning magic and later potions."

This almost made me choked on my food. "Well if you teached him then he won't be defenseless anymore." "Great now Izuku come to the training grounds after you finish eating." Before I got to speak grandma left. What in the world just happened. Anyway I did as she said to do. "Great now we should see if you have any potential to start right away into the books." This got me confused for just a moment.

She then started to fire spells at me to which I used my hands to make my own spells that I made myself. When she used the most energy spell I did also hoping I had enough at the time. Then I thought of something which was a new spell that takes less energy but bigger than what we are using now so I used it. I don't think it was a good idea tho since the building was falling apart after and I teleported me and grandma out of there to the outside.

"Well then I underestimated you my grandson but you really shouldn't have been using spells so how did you manage that." "Well I have been practicing in my room and with witches and well same with potions just can't get one down yet." "What about for the spells." "I learned all of them even your secret ones." "Well great to know I will just train you in potions and your grandfather for a sword." I nodded and went to bed after my bath knowing my training starts early in the morning.

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