37. Unexpected turns

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Hlo darlings


Not always in life we have everything the way we planned. The one writing our destiny and making us dance on his tunes has the power to ruin our plans, but mind you, it's always for the better and sometimes for the best. A child cries for a smaller teddy bear not knowing that his parents have already brought for him a bigger one. We do behave like that child, not seldom but all the times.

As the morning sun rose and he got ready to leave his house and meet Anika the way he does everyday, he was met with disappointment instead. Not because he didn't meet Anika, he did, but she didn't talk to him the way she would usually do.

Last night was terrible for him as he didn't sleep even for a minute. Out of nowhere he was feeling lonely, he was missing his grandfather's embrace, he was missing his grandmother's lap where he could sleep peacefully even if he was having a nightmare. He was tired of fighting alone. He missed his Dadu who used to solve all his problems in a minute. His tears kept running down his cheeks unknowingly.

His body was telling him not to move a muscle. His whole body felt like it was frozen. He felt his forehead burning but Anika was all he had on his mind. He wanted to see her reaction after what he said to her last night. But here she was silent, as if she had reserved herself in a shel to protect herself from danger. The more frustrating part was the danger that he didn't know about.

He wanted to cancel all his meetings but he didn't because today Mrs. Leena was lacking staff members in the canteens. The scared cat Mrs. Leena is when it comes to making a good impression on her boss aka him, he knew she would send Anika when snacks will be served to the clients. So he let the meeting continue the way it was scheduled.

He didn't expect Anika to look at him, but he found her stealing glances at him. He was surprised would be an understatement when Anika didn't ignore him. He didn't let her know that he got to know that she's looking at him, instead he kept observing her behaviour that was weird.

Anika, on the other hand, was still thinking about Shivinder's words. He didn't know the matter but gave her a suggestion she found apt. She can't avoid someone all her life, especially if that person is trying so hard to not leave her alone.

When she was ordered to get the beverages and snacks to the private breakroom, she couldn't help but look or to say steal glances at the man she was thinking about since morning. Okay okay ! Since last two days.

Unconsciously though, but her thoughts were now about his pale face and swollen eyes, as if he cried too much. Did he ? The thought of him crying forced her to think about her words, scratch that, Harsh words. Was he crying because of her ? Was she the reason that he was looking so defeated ? She felt herself getting engulfed by deeper thoughts.

Now when she was giving it a thought, she realised, may be Shivaay's words didn't mean what she interpreted. May be his words held another meaning.

"You keep an eye on Tej and I'll take care of Anika."

Now the words made sense. May be he meant to say that Khanna should keep an eyes on Tej and he will take care of her, which could mean anything and that included protecting her. How could she be a fool ? How could she forget the day she was kidnapped once again and it was Shivaay who saved her ?

Her head was ready to burst with so much of stress. Somehow she continued doing her work. For once she was thankful to the employees who kept popping in the canteen and that kept her busy so that she didn't think much about the blue eyed bea... man.

When finally she was a bit free of work, she looked at the clock that struck 5 in the evening. She made her way towards the restroom as she badly wanted to wash her face. She was sure she looked as neat as a nest, don't forget the sarcasm.

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