XLI. Steel Blue Eyes

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Chapter Forty-One

With the wedding over, with the cake eaten and the champagne drunk, it was time to say goodbye. Alex, Khari, Okoye, and I make our way outside to say bid our guests farewell. Scott is the first to hold his arms out towards me, grinning widely at me. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him in for a tight embrace. He holds me just as tightly, whispering in my ear; "Try not to get taken for the next few weeks."

I chuckle, kissing his cheek as I pull away from him. "I'll do my best. You'll be the first to know if something happens. Where would The Savage be without Ant Man?"

He smirks at me. "Damn right."

Hope smiles at me, linking her arm with Scott's. "I'm looking forward to talking more in the future."

I smile back at her, nodding my head. "As am I. We'll get together soon, that's a promise."

"Yeah and maybe I'll finally hear about all the cool things I missed you doing during the battle," He says bitterly, shaking his head to himself. "So unfair."

After this, Hope pulls him towards the ship. Even as he's walking away, I can hear Scott mumbling about how he always misses out on all the exciting parts of our job. My eyes fall onto Rhodey next, who Khari and I both give a tight embrace.

As he pulls back from me, Rhodey grips my arms tightly, saying with a strict tone; "Don't hesitate to call if things ever go south. And maybe you could visit New York more often?"

I nod reassuringly, smiling gratefully at my friend. "Of course. And the same goes for you, we're a team right?"

"Indeed we are, but please at least give me a couple days to sleep," Bruce interjects, smirking down at both of us. "You shapeshifters are a lot of work."

I roll my eyes playfully, saying with a slight chuckle; "I promise I'll hold off all attacks and crisis' until you've had some rest. But I am truly grateful, to both of you."

And with that the two of them walk towards the same ship Scott and Hope just entered. Okoye then steps forward, glancing between the ship and the three of us. "Will Steve be needing a ride home too?"

I shake my head. "Bucky and I are going to be bringing him home, don't worry. I'll see you when you get home?"

Okoye nods, winking at me before walking towards the ship herself, ripping off her heels as she does so, throwing them on the ground and cursing at them in Xhosa. I don't blame her; I threw my heels out the window after the third Rhianna song Alex made me dance to.

My brother and brother in law turn to me then, the same curiosity in their gazes, but Alex being the one to question; "When will you be going? We want to say goodbye before we leave for the honeymoon."

I smile up at them; my two brothers. Alex's hair is tousled and his face flushed from the champagne and dancing. His tie is undone and his jacket lost somewhere in the palace. Khari changed out of his Jabari uniform after the party really began; now wearing dark pants and a dress shirt, but half of his buttons are undone. They look like they've had the time of their lives.

"We'll leave in a few minutes. Where have you guys decided to go? The last time we talked about this I heard Barbados be suggested."

Khari smirks at his husband before glancing back at me, pure glee written in every muscle of his face. Despite this pure elation though, there's some judgement in his tone as he explains; "We're gonna spend three days in Barbados, three days in Cuba, and then our final day will be at Disney World."

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