Oh Christmas Tree

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"Mommy and old man.... Get up. Get up now". I heard Demarco's voice drag me from my slumber.

Squinting my eye's open against the light he had flickered on, I grumbled. "What?"

" It snowed overnight. Get up and see". Demarco sang cheerfully.

Sitting up slowly I discovered that Demarco wasn't alone. No, King and Miri flanked his side's and I could see the excitement that swimmed in their eye's. Snow was a big deal to us. Most people dreaded it for delaying their plans but not us. Since they were children we always took every gift the snow offered. "Hurry. Get dressed". Miri bubbled over.

London groaned and mumbled. " I should've convinced you into adoption, abortion or something. Better yet, I should've ran".

Laughing, I bent down to give my sweet husband a kiss then swatted his bottom through the blanket. Jumping from bed, I slipped into my warmest clothes and layered up. Eventually London followed suit and ten minutes later the entire family stood in line across the porch just staring out at the tranquillity the snow had brought. For us this was magic and pure peace in our normally chaotic lives.

The snow laid nearly four feet deep blanketing everything in it's wholesome goodness. No footprint had yet to scar the beautiful scene before us and with nothing but land and tree's surrounding us brought a sight to behold. No buildings or roads marred the view, nothing but peace and new beginnings lay before us. Then just as quick as the snow mesmerized us, it brought our inner child out.

With a warrior like cry, Cole launch himself from the steps only to be swallowed by the cloud of puffiness. Laughter erupted as we all trampled down the steps to join in. In a matter of seconds snowball fights erupted, snowmen were being constructed and snow angels decorated the covered lawn. After having our fill and nearly freezing we all decided to go inside. Discarding our wet boots and coats by the door, we rushed to the kitchen where hot coffee and and cocoa awaited us. As our bodies begin to thaw we all pitched in to make a hearty breakfast before our next adventure began.

Two hour's later, with our bellies full and bundled back up everyone loaded into two separate SUV's. Off to the Christmas tree farm we went. After a forty-five minute drive battling icy roads we finally made it. Breaking off into small groups to walk, we begin the trek into the man-made forest of fir tree's in search of the perfect one. Nearly thirty minutes later we all spotted it. The tree stood alone but magnificent and we all agreed that this was the one. With freezing fingers and red noses we gathered around preparing to chop the beauty down. "Did you grab the bag?" Cole asked Demarco.

" What bag? " Demarco questioned.

"What do you mean what bag flower? The fucking bag with the ax and saws".

" Fuck". Demarco exploded as his echo vibrated through the woods.

"Well I'm not going back for it". Cole declared.

Dem looked at Heir and Sire. "You two go get the bag".

" What? We didn't forget it". Heir protested.

"Go. I can't trust Duel to go, he might kill something before he makes it back. Now hurry up, it's cold as fuck out here".

The twins took off in a series of slurrs and snears. Nearly an hour passed before they made it back smiling as they held the bag and a cup of coffee. "What took so long? Cole growled jerking Heir's coffee away claiming it as his own.

Several arguments later the tree had been taken down and loaded up onto one of the cars. When we returned home the men got busy trimming the tree while the women sat about to make lunch. After everyone had ate and the dishes cleared we began our next tradition. Each year I made a huge batch of salt and flour clay to make homemade ornaments. After it had formed into a nice dough we gathered around the table and begin to work on our design's. Once complete and baked, we begin to paint them, glitter them and glue shiny objects to them. Miri held hers up with a smile at the perfect shapes reindeer she had made. Duel held his up which resembled a set of boobs complete with tassels. Sam held up a holly leaf and Demy a heart. Mizery held hers up that was shaped to be a knife but at least she added glitter to it and Tia showed off her snowman. London held his up and I cringed. He chose to make his black leather gloves and bag. Aden beamed at his red Christmas truck and Sire did a great job at making Santa. Frankie did a wreath that was a tad lopsided and King displayed a Christmas tree. Demarco showed off the gun he had made while Cole laughed at the penis with a red stocking attached to the top that he had crafted. Finally i revealed mine which consisted of one single word... Family.

Here you go!! I actually do this with my family every Christmas and it is so much fun!!! You've got to try it!!

Here you go!! I actually do this with my family every Christmas and it is so much fun!!! You've got to try it!!

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