Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

All Xavier could do was hold Rye in his arms. She began to weep and soon after she was bawling. If Olivia wasn't Rye's mother, Xavier would have bit her head off my now. When Olivia tried to approach Rye on the floor, Xavier growled. In fear Olivia scurried back.

Chyna and India held each other, Toby sat on the armchair looking bored and Jack hesitated at the foot of the stairs.

But everyone in the room was meaningless when it came to Rye. With each sob, Xavier drove closer to insanity. He wanted to make her pain go away. He wanted to see her furrowed brows and pout...he wanted her to do anything but be hurt. Rye was clinging onto Xavier's neck and his shirt under her face was soaked with tears. Xavier's arms were wrapped around her like tight iron chains. He wasn't about to let go of her.

Xavier sat with Rye on the floor and stroked her hair in a gentle motion until her sobs quiet down. Then she pulled back just enough to look at Xavier and said, "Please take me home."

Xavier nodded. He stood at once and pulled Rye with him. Everyone around them watched. Rye looked over at her sisters.

"Can I bring my sisters?" She asked Xavier.

"Of course," Xavier said.

"The twins are not going anywhere." Olivia protested.

Xavier glared at her, "Your queen wants them to go with her."

"Technically," Jack spoke up, "She isn't the queen. You have not marked her."

Rye could feel Xavier's body stir under her palm. She knew instantly he was about to lunge at the man. She grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to herself.

"Technically," Xavier said sternly, "I will kill you with my bare hands if you ever dare question her rank."

Jack grew pale, "My apologize your grace." He bowed his head.

"Apologize to her," Xavier said as he stepped back to showcase Rye.

"My apologize, your grace." Jack said as he bowed to Rye.

Rye didn't have any energy to say anything to the man. He was just as involved in her father's death as her mother was.

"The twins are coming with us," Xavier declared, "Chyna? India? Go wait in the car for us."

The girls stood at once and hurried past their mother.

Olivia was furious. She turned to Rye, "We need to speak about what just happened."

Rye took a step back and held up a hand, "Don't. I can't stand to look at you right now."

"Let's go," Xavier said tugging on Rye's hand gently. Without hesitation, Rye followed Xavier down the stairs and out of the house. She let him open the car door for her and even put the seatbelt on. She was simply not present at the moment. But she was glad Xavier was their to take care of her. In an instant her family has become strangers to her and Xavier was the only thing that made her feel safe and whole. She couldn't explain what it was, but the way he was always there to hold her when her world was crumbling made her want him in every possible way.

When they arrived back at the palace, Xavier walked Rye into the house hand in hand. He passed her onto Adel who was waiting for her at the entrance with a mug of tea.

Draw her a hot bath and change her into something comfortable. Let me know when you finish. He mind linked Adel.

Yes, your grace. Adel responded.

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