I Need Answers

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Hello my lovely readers❤️❤️

So I have a tiny question.

I want to write an avengers fanfic but like I'm nervous because I'm not sure if people would be interested in reading that.

That's why I want some opinions. Should I write one or not?

Like I really want to but like I don't want to if no one wants to read it🤔

What to do what to do😫

Let my know what you all think I should do🥺Would be much appreciated❤️

As well as I'm willing to answer any questions to this story or my other stories❤️😝

If you want to collab and we can write a book together I'm more than willing to do that too❤️

ALSO IVE HIT 1K for this story!!! Oh god! Like for real I'm going to faint. Like I barely start this a week maybe two. Like holy hell❤️thank you for the love❤️

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