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i was in Chase's arm, i felt loved and safe. As i continued to cuddle into his chest I heard a voice.

Even though i hadn't heard that voice since i was 9 years old, i knew immediately who it belonged to.

My dad.

My head shot up, out of Chase's chest.
As my eyes searched desperately for my father, but instead i was devoured by the darkness.

Chase was gone, and my father was no where to be seen.

"Dad?" i cried
It felt like i was wandering for hours in the pure darkness calling out for him, when i finally got a response.

"Kenzie, you shouldn't be here." i heard

When i looked around to find where the voice was coming from, i saw him.
He hadn't aged a day since the last time i'd seen him, nearly 8 years ago.

I ran towards him and threw myself into his arms, tears falling down my face.
His scent, his appearance, it was the only familiar feeling about this whole experience.

"Where am i?" i eventually asked

"It doesn't matter, all that matter is, you can't stay here, it's not your time." he responded

"But dad, i'm not ready to leave." i whined

"i know baby, i wish you could stay, but i need you to keep fighting. your mom needs you to keep fighting," my dad said sympathetically

In the moment it felt like my dad was the only thing that mattered, but as i was reminded of my mother i knew he was right.
She needed me. I needed her.
I couldn't leave her, or my friends.

I sighed and tightened my grip around my dad.
His hands rubbed my back soothingly, until the feeling was gone.
It was replaced by whispers, and footsteps echoing through halls.
I heard the rustling for shoes, and the sound of a door opening.
My eyes struggled to open, but eventually i was greeted by a bright light.

My eyelashes fluttered as i tried to adjust to my new surroundings. When i could finally see clearly I was greeted by Chase's eyes. They were a sea of blue, and a part of me almost drowned in them but instead i allowed my eyes to continue to wander.

Everyone surrounded me.
As i continued to look around, a strong feeling erupted in my gut.
hatred towards cynthia.

Chase's eyes darted from me to cynthia then back to me.
In that moment my blurred memories came back in fragments.
I remembered walking in on Chase and Cynthia, then some how ending up behind the wheel of a car. Then i remembered the pain i had felt when the car tumbled and eventually collided with a tree, but that was it.

My hand roamed down to my abdomen. I felt a sharp sting when i grazed the bandage wrapped around the lower half of my stomach.
I began to panic. What happened to me.
My head was pounding, and my heart accelerated.
My breathing was rapid and rushed.
I felt like my lungs were failing and my brain was giving in.

"Nurse! We need a Nurse! Help!" i heard Anthony shout before the darkness welcomed me back.

Chase's P.O.V

It's been 3 days and Kenzie still hasn't woken up.
The doctors haven't told me much, except that she's going to wake up eventually, they just don't know when.

Everyone was back on the tour bus, but i had refused to go. Not without Kenzie.

Her mom hasn't been able to fly out, and i won't leave her alone.
Not again, not ever.

I sat next to Kenzie in the same position i had been in for the last 3 days.

I didn't know how much more of this i could take. I needed to hear Kenzie's voice again. I needed her touch, her laugh, her smile, i needed every bit of her.

I tear trickled down my cheek as i intertwined my hand with hers.

"My little monkey" i sighed

"I know you can hear me. So please, Kenzie, wake up. I know you're trying and fighting, because that's the type of girl you are. Don't give up, i need you back."

The tears fell now, with more force as the pain i felt in my chest strengthened.

"Come on baby, i need you in my life." i paused and slowly spoke, "life is nothing without you, i'm nothing without you."

As the worlds left my lips i realized how true they were.

Suddenly i felt kenzie's hand give mine a small squeeze.
When i looked up, Kenzie's eyes were barely open, but there was a small smile on her plump, bruised lips.
I squeezed her hand back, and smiled back at her.


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kenzie.matthews; hey babes. A lot has happened these past couple of weeks. Some good things, some not so good things. Having said that, i hope you guys can respect my privacy and allow myself to have time to heal not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I love you guys and will explain everything soon xx

@avaannii bebeeeee your mom told me what happened, i love you so much! stay strong❤️

@luvanthony love you matthews
@user WOW. she's already moving on...and to ANTHONY WTFFFF 😖 homie hopper

@cynthiaparkerrr does this mean you won't be joining us on tour.... 🤭


@paytonmoormeier you're awake!!! 💛

@notnoen thank goodness you're ok...i need my biggest fan back. i miss you 🥺

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kenzie's P.O.V

My head was already killing me, and boy was I in enough pain as it is. But if Chase thinks i forgot about him and cynthia, then he's got another thing coming.

I let us have our moment as he squeezed my hand and comforted me with his endearing smile, but tomorrow would be a whole other story.

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