-feel good

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"i feel like I could conquer the world right now. I feel like-"

Elio jumped, and he grabbed Oliver's face into his petite hand

"if I were to jump, i'd stay in the air."

He was disappointed when he couldn't do that, however, Oliver held him close go his chest. Their body fit like a perfect puzzle.


His deep and rich voice filtered through Elio's ears, it felt like a soft and warm blanket.

Elio did whisper a quiet "yeah." in response, wrapping two confident and sure arms behind Oliver's neck. He smiled. A smile that represented a child, it was maybe a bit silly. 


"because you kissed me."
Elio giggled, that smile grew wider, showing his adorable smile. Innocent. Though he was no where near as he licked  into Oliver's mouth quickly, pulling away.

"Well I'm about to do it again"
The taller man laughed, grabbing Elio's wrists that were in the action of being pulled back, and connected their lips loudly.

The curly head hummed, feeling hands grip his tiny waist.

Times like this were when he forgot that it's all going to end at some point. He chose to forget about what would happen when Oliver wasn't his anymore. It was all okay as that deep voice wrapped around him at night, the owner of that voice pressing his body up against Elio's.

Times like this, when they were in public, he'd want everyone to fuck off. Now, he just wanted everyone to stare.

He wanted people to see how much they loved each other, and how much Oliver was his. No one else's. his.

"I think I'm really able to fly, now."

Elio sighed, very much enjoying the doting look he received from Oliver.

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