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•{ Tori's POV }•

We get into Lorenzo's main office. He sits behind his desk. Diego and Marco stand behind him on the sides. Lorenzo sits beside me in front of the desk.

"I called all of you in here because I need you three to be aware of the situation." Luca looks at me and makes eye contact as if he is debating on telling them so I nod to let him know I'm okay with it.

"Anatoly was sent to kill us and take Tori back to Adrian. All of us know how Anatoly had an unhealthy interest in her mother but Adrian is also a lot darker than his father and he seems to have an obsession with Tori. He knew who she was before she knew and he's been waiting for her to come here so he can destroy us.
Adrian thinks he has a claim on Tori because they met in a club. The only thing is he doesn't know what she is capable of and apparently we didn't either...but now he'll be in a blind rage giving us the upper hand but it also makes him more dangerous." Luca explains leaving out the worse part which I'm greatful for.

Diego looks pissed as he observes me and at first I think it's because he's mad at me until he finally speaks "He will burn..." he says it like a promise to me making eye contact which makes me think he picked up on the worse part of the story. Marco and Lorenzo look surprised but Luca just nods in agreement while looking at me intensely.

Marco looks mad and Lorenzo looks as if he is about to explode.

"They can't get her!" Marco tells Luca

"I know and and we're going to do everything in our power to make sure they won't!"
Luca says

"What's the plan?" Lorenzo asks

"Kill all of them." Luca says coldly and they all nod in agreement.

"Why didn't we discuss this out there so her father could hear?" Marco wonders out loud

"Val will go into an even blinder rage and we can't afford that. My father and Riccardo would only tell him ; that's why what is said in this room stays in this room." Luca says in a commanding tone

"Understood" Marco and Lorenzo say at the same time

"Not to be nosey or anything but is there an actual plan?" I ask curiously

"I know all the Russians are going to die. I just don't know when or how but they will. We'll figure the plan out after I meet with the Americans in a few days." Luca answers

"Okay." I say

"Okay?" Marco says as a question

"What?" I ask Marco

"That's the least I've heard you say since you arrived. What are you thinking?" Marco asks

"Oh I'm probably thinking the same thing all of you probably already know. I used one of their guns and it was completely silent and more powerful then all of the weapons I've seen any of you use. It was also pretty lightweight considering. Not to mention the fact that the way they fought they had to be like extras because they weren't trained properly. Two of them killed themselves for me. One shot the other one as he stabbed him in the throat. They weren't aware or trained correctly making me think that Adrian sent his father with some of his weakest men while he kept the strongest ones with him like the coward he is....thinking that it would surprise you."
I explain my thoughts

All of them look at me surprised.

"That makes sense." Lorenzo says

"I mean a few of them were trained but they weren't how I remember them being when they attacked our club last year." Marco says

"Meaning our men need to train harder. Marco get all of them back here and you and Lorenzo will train them harder than before. See if my father can help. Then get Riccardo to start finding out some information on the Russians and Americans for me. It's all hands on deck." Luca commands

"What about you, Diego, Val, and Tori?"
Lorenzo asks

"Diego, Val, and I are going to train with Tori."
Luca says as if it was obvious

"I don't think she needs to be trained considering she saved all of our asses."
Lorenzo says

"Maybe not but it'll keep us all in practice and maybe we'll finally get to see what she's truly capable of.." Luca says

"I thought I've already shown what I'm capable of..." I say with sass

"Oh you have but you're still hiding something and holding yourself back.." Luca says making eye contact and I know he's right but I hope that's a side they never get to meet


After the meeting in Luca's office we went to the dinning room and ate dinner.

While maids cleaned up blood off the floors.

A sick twisted fairytale it is...

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