The dreamcatcher

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Wrapped in my blank in cozy room
When night is dark as ink
I steal a glimpse at your bare face
Cause you've been all I think

I want to rip my soul to know
What do you see in dream.
I reach your neck and press a kiss
With all the love I gleam

You curve your lips in softest smile
From our gentle touch
I move away and you draw near
Giving me this slightest nudge

You intertwine our legs and snug
So that our hair is knead
I hear your voice that gruffly says:
"You smell like all I need"

I take a moment to breathe in
The air of night we've spent
I never knew I'd be so fond
Of our homy blended scent.

You chuckle in my skin and move
To lock your sleepy eyes on mine
I feel the love that hovers us
As creeps ran down my spine

I drown each time I see your eyes
I know "I'm in too deep"
You are dreamcatcher in the night
For me before I sleep

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