Love at first sight 4-A piece of advice

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"LISTEN!!" I screamed at her, angrily.

She was soo shocked she widened her eye and her mouth was open.

"Nicole, when you talked about the girl, you looked as if you're relax, comfortable, relive. You may not noticed it but I think you were happy that your boyfriend chose her. I mean, of course you're not happy he broke up with you, but as far as I know, there's no more love between you guys, you should move on. You can't force love. Please do excuse me if I was wrong."

The room was silent for several seconds.

"You know..." she looked troubled, she sighed. But then, she smiled weakly and look at me straight in my eyes. "You know... that's right. Forcing people is just not my style. I'm very happy he chose her. That girl really suits him and I can see bright future between them" tears flowing down her cheeks. For some reason, I knew that the tears were tears of happiness.

She reached out her both of her arms. It looks like she wants to hug me. I walked closer to her and hug her. Both of us went outside, still hugging. Now, don't get the wrong idea. We're just friends NOT more than that.

The members saw us hugging each other. I'm sure they changed their minds about me bullying her, which I did not. After that, we let go. Nicole smiled at me and said "Thank you."

Suddenly, a girl called me, grab my hands and took me away from the tennis court.

"Hey! let go!"  

"Shut up."  


"I said SHUT UP."

I kept my mouth shut just like she said. She brought me to our school's garden. The garden is usually packed with students but there's hardly anyone right now, only a group of girls. Something tells me I'm in danger. The girls looked at me and I suddenly remembered where I saw the girls before, they're the girls that was in the basketball court just now.

"There you are." said a girl in the group. Her hair was black and curly. Her eyes flickered with anger. "I guess you know we are, correct?"

"I-I guess.."

"Now listen here, I know you're the love expert and you gave half of us here a few advices but that doesn't mean we don't dare to pick a fight with you."

She was right. I recognize some of the girls there. "I-I'm sorry if I made you guys mad..don't hurt me. Please." I can feel myself trembling.

She walked near me. She pulled my P.E shirt and gave a wicked grin.

"I don't want to see you near our beloved Shawn anymore. You got that? If one of us saw you near him, We won't hold back."

"YEAH!" all the girls shouted with agreement.

"O-okay.." I said.

She let go of my P.E shirt and walked away from me with her gangs. One of the girls looked back and gave me a sorry look.

Ugh. I thought she's going to strangle me just now. If it's not because of Shawn, I wouldn't be in that situation. I promised to myself never to talk to him again. But somewhere deep heart seems to hold back.

I changed into my school uniform and went back to my classroom. I remembered I left my notebook there. I opened the door and guess who I saw in front of me, about to leave the classroom, Shawn.

"Oh hey! Why'd you ran away just now?"

I tried to not speak and ignore him, but I just couldn't.

"I..uh..I got things to do..very urgent, so I left."

"Oh, for a second there I thought you were running away from the girls" He laughed.

OF COURSE I AM! did you saw how they looked at me?! They were about to strangle me just now! Just because of you!

"Haha, no way." I lied to him, giving him a fake smile.

"So, want to walk home together?"

His invite was soo tempting I was about to accept it. Then, I saw a girl walking at the corridor towards my classroom, I recognize her, she's from our class, Penny. She's one of the girls at the garden just now.

"N- no..thanks.." my heart sank that time.

"Alright, whatever then." He walked away.

I went in my classroom and took out the notebook. Penny walked straight away, passing our class.

I sat on my chair. I felt really depressed. I heard our classroom's clock ticking. The wind blew through our class's window. I remembered the scene just now, when I was talking to Shawn, when I told him I can't go with him..his smiled faded.

What is this feeling? It's the same feeling..when I was at the bridge.


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