Busy in Korea

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Alexis's POV

Money is a bitch. You need a place to stay, it costs money. You need to eat, money, drink, money, go somewhere, money. The only thing you can do without money is die. So here I am, working out finances, and considering giving up. 

I was kicked out of the company when I tried to see my soulmates. They forgot to tell the receptionist about me, and all of us forgot to exchange numbers. So instead of standing outside of the company like a hooker, I decided to get my life together.

I'm in the office room at the hotel, because I can't get a laptop. So I'm using their computer, printer, and their paper.

Since the only thing I brought with me after teleporting, was my phone, a pillow, and a blanket, I had to call my bank in America and tell them I was in Korea, so nothing would bounce back, and ask for my debit card number. I could pay for the hotel online with my card number, and I've been adding things onto my bill instead of paying directly. 

I had to set up an account on some app that a lot of Koreans use to pay for things by scanning the phone, and put my information into there. I can get by like this, but I ordered for another card to be shipped to the hotel, after asking. I told them what happened, leaving out a few parts, and they were extremely gracious to me this way.

With the money I have now, I can stay at this hotel and buy food and basic items for about one week, maybe two. All those years I spent saving are gone in such a small time. 

Speaking of college, I have to contact the university and withdraw my classes. I was probably marked absent for the past two days.

I'm going to have to do a bunch of paperwork to get a refund for those classes. Or maybe I could continue them online. 

"UGHH!" I bang my head on the desk, making a couple walking bye look at me weirdly. I ignore them and start working again.

Printing my fourth resume, I staple each page to directions that I printed out earlier to businesses in the area. I need a job as soon as possible. Eventually, I will need to get an apartment, too. I don't know how long I can keep this from them, though.

It has only been one day, but I miss them so much already. Being near them felt right. Even when I thought I heard a phone camera shutter sound.

I probably feel like this because I'm their fan and I liked them even before the bond, but it definitely feels stronger. I can't imagine they feel as strongly as I do, but a girl can hope, right?

I grab the papers and go back to my room. I pass the pool and breakfast area before I reach the elevator, which is directly in front of the reception. I could have saved more money by going to a cheaper hotel, but I didn't want to. I was going to run out of money anyways. It is better to stay in a good hotel for a small time, than a dangerous, run-down hotel, in a bad area for a longer time. My predicament doesn't change, and I would be even more stressed.

I exit the elevator and open the door to my room. After locking it, I pass the small kitchen into the living area. Yesterday, I just bought some snacks from the store downstairs and ate those for dinner, because it was too late to go out, and I already had a hell of a day. But now, I'm swamped with things to do. It's not like I don't want the boys, but I can't deny that it might have been a good thing that I couldn't see them. I feel guilty just thinking that, but time won't stop, and my problems won't get better by doing nothing. 

All I've been doing is complaining, when most people would consider me lucky. I shake my head to get out of my thoughts. Focus Alexis, focus! I write down a shopping list for groceries. I'll kill three birds with one stone. Get a nice pair of clothes, hand in my resume to the businesses, and get groceries on my way back.

Luckily, Korea has a lot better public transportation, so I can actually get around without renting a car. Back in Florida, public transportation was almost nonexistent in my area. Maybe I can visit the company later, if I have time. The boys should still be there. They probably realized that I couldn't get past reception, and are starting to fix that mistake. 

No, I'm thinking to plainly. They don't care about me that much, just because I care about them. I've ruined their lives. They were just being nice to me. But they seemed like they cared about me when we first met. They never even mentioned the fact that I ran away from the concert.

With these doubts, I grab my phone, which has completely run out of battery now. I have to much to do anyways, I think sadly.


I sigh defeated before falling onto the couch. Three of the places I turned my resume in to, said they weren't currently hiring. The fourth one said they would call back if I was accepted for an interview, so I got one possible job.  I got a charger and plugged it into the bus, so my phone has a little bit of charge, and I continued to charge it in the office room when I got to the hotel. I also called my school and arranged everything so that the grades I have now will be transferred to my new online classes, which I have to pay for additionally, without refunding the old ones. I'm not sure yet if my scholarship will cover it. At least I am able to continue my degree.

After looking for more jobs and filling out some applications online, I answered my mom's eleven missed calls. So two hours later here I am after telling her about my day. She said she will send over some stuff once I get an apartment, to help me out a little. 

I got everything done today. Once I get a job things can start moving and I can enjoy spending time with my soulmates, if they'll have me. I made myself Italian food with the ingredients I bought and put on brand new clothes after shopping. Living on my own is scary, but knowing that I am living somewhere and buying things on my own for the first time feels pretty free. Only having to worry about myself is what I don't like, though. I like to worry about other people and take care of others, especially my family.

Now I have a bigger family. One filled with seven guys who are hot and cute at the same time. I also have the BigHit family now too. I can try to go there tomorrow, and spend time with them. Thinking about it makes me excited. And for once, I don't let the bad thoughts come in.

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