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1- any scars?- yeah, on my heart

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1- any scars?
- yeah, on my heart.

2- self harmed?
- nah fam-

3- crush?
- i have one, but im scared she's bored of me and yk- insecurities 💔💔.

4- kissed anyone?
- no, but i'd love to-

5- coke or pepsi?
- both!!

6- someone you hate?
- once again, mnet. (also the ppl who played with my heart).

7- best friends?
- hehe.

8- ever dose alcohol or drugs?
- nope, im a good kid.

9- dream job?
- i wanna be a dancer-

10- ever been in love?
- tbh, i don't think i was in love before with that one girl, i think i was just in love with the thought of her.

11- last time u cried?
- i dont really remember, so that probs means a long time ago-

12- favorite color?
- yELLOW!!!

13- height?
- 156.2 cm :) (bruh i accidentally said 152.2 cm before-)

14- birthday?
- 14.12.06-

15- eye color?
- brown :}

16- hair color?
- since i dyed my hair last year, it's partly brown and partly black.

17- what do u love?
- girls.

18- obsession?
- when someone gets jealous over me- also, chocolate milk.

19- kiss or hug?

20- nickname?
- blue :}

21- favorite song?
- fake & true by twice, and love by prettymuch ft. inigo pascual.

22- favorite band?
- blackpink & 5sos

23- ever dated someone?
- nope, but if ur single and are looking for someone to date, im down to date-

24- worst mistake?
- when i trusted some ppl.

25- movie or book?

26- favorite tv show?
- idrk-

27- best day of your life?
- when i found out i was bi.

28- special talents?
- i can make girls scream, just by using my hands-

29- someone you trust?

30- bad habits?
- biting my nailsssss

31- do u believe in love?
- yessir!

32- are you okay?
- well right now im kinda not, but i'll be fine in an hour or two.

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