The start of an adventure

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The day y/n had arrive to the grace field house wasn't pretty, the sky was crying and letting out lightning followed by the cry of thunder. The kids were all inside drying themselves up when mama walked through the door, a little girl around the age of three following close behind her while clutching onto her hand.

"Everyone, meet y/n. She's your new sister." The beautiful woman explained with a smile.

Cheers and greets were heard from the group of children as the small girl hid behind the large dress.

"Y/n, meet Emma and norman. They'll be your new siblings and for now I'll assign them as your escorts for a few days until you get settled in, okay?" She asked with a smile making you nod, your large e/c eyes then fell upon the two kids in front of you. A young girl only a tiny bit taller than you, her bright yellow hair sticking out in all directions in a cute manner as she stared at you with bright green orbs. Next to her stood a pale white haired male, taller than the girl, with beautiful blue eyes. Both carried bright, welcoming smiles as they greeted her.

"Welcome y/n!"


Trust was never a word she believed in. From the moment she opened her eyes on the day she came to the orphanage up until the present, she had never trusted anyone. You could say it was the way she noticed how the house was boarded up, the windows screwed shut with nails and screws, the various locks on some of the forbidden rooms, the way mama locked every door in the house once might fall came. It all felt suffocating to her. It could also be the suspicions she had of her mama, the woman disappeared each night at 8. How is that not weird? Or how she was always able to find them in a matter of seconds? How she always seemed to know everything? Or maybe it was just her being paranoid due to the fact she had absolutely no memories of her three years of life before coming to the orphanage.

Whatever it was, it didn't sum up for her. What about the letters their siblings promised yet never delivered? Even the siblings who showed most love and admiration for the family never wrote, as if they could just up and walk out of here, leaving the only family they ever knew behind without a worry. Why had they never met anyone from the outside world before? Did everyone who got adopted really just waltz out with people whom they had never met nor seen before? If that's really how it worked then she was 101% sure she wasn't going to accept her adoption, she'd want to meet her new caretakers at least once before going off with them.

A lot of things just didn't sum up for her which is why at the age of five she had started a diary. Every time she had a suspicion, every time something didn't sum up, every time she saw a slip up or every time something made her feel uneasy, she wrote it down. She would ask her 'dear mama' for papers to draw before running into the forest, drawing quick and messy sketches of the nature around her, before writing all her new information and observations on the back.


She was always smart. By her sixth birthday she had asked mama for a diary, saying she wanted to write down all her memories from here for her to keep when she gets adopted. Oblivious to the young girls suspicions, the older woman complied, ordering a simple (f/c) notebook to give the bright girl on the day of her birthday.

Now of course she wouldn't just write down her information there. No, she knew better than that. In messy handwriting she would write down her day to day adventures with the few siblings she interacted with at the orphanage knowing full well of the possibilities of another child or even mama looking through the book. She couldn't afford to get caught so she continued grabbing spare papers, napkins and even fabric to write down her observations and suspicions in and then hide them in the book. The pages that would be read would have her messy, innocent writing so if anyone did look through it she would have enough time to get to them and get it back.

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