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•{ Tori's POV }•

After getting dressed for the third time today I find Elena and Angelina sitting on my bed.

They look at me as if they knew I was about to break and run.

"Don't even think about running. I can see it on your face that you are thinking about it just like your mother was...but I'm not letting you. Now I don't know what exactly happened out there or what you did but I know you protected the family at all costs and even managed to lock my husband and Marco into a safe room. You can take whatever it is that Russians or anyone else will throw at you because you are stronger than all of us combined." Elena says as she stands up to hug me which I return and then Angelina joins in the group hug.

"Tori, you belong her with us and don't ever forget that.." Angelina says

I feel tears start to come in my eyes realizing I really needed that as I pull away.

"Where is everyone?" I ask as I untangle myself from the two women

"They are downstairs in the meeting room downstairs...it's the one where you we took you the first day you came here." Elena answers

I nod and say thanks to both of them then I walk out of my room and downstairs to the familiar room. I knock and soon I hear a come in so I open the door and walk in seeing everyone watch me as I shut the door behind me.

I see that there is an empty chair in between Luca and Diego so that's the one I go over to and sit down.

"Luca was just wondering how all of us made it out alive...our men told him it was an angel sent from heaven." Riccardo fills me in

"I'm assuming I'm the angel.." I reply and Riccardo gives me a smile and nod

"Im glad you and Enzo got the angel treatment.." Marco says sarcastically

"What are you talking about?"
Lorenzo asks Marco

"She locked me and Francesco up in the secret safe office." Marco answers making Lorenzo bust out laughing while the others seemed confused.

"First of all don't say it like I did it for my own enjoyment. Let me just give you all my version. Marco will dramatize it and I'm assuming Francesco will just agree. I got woken up by Elena and Angelina they filled me in on the situation. I took them to the library and locked them in. I then walked downstairs killed three of their men on the stairs by banging their heads on the railing wall and floor. Then I found Francesco almost dead. I moved him into the office or safe room when he told me the code thinking I was going to hide. His mistake really. Then I went on take the bullets out and stitch him up and bandage him to help stop the bleeding. I made sure he was comfortable then I locked him in there."

"Saying that I would only get her killed."
Francesco adds

"Well you would have in my defense and I didn't really have the time to sugar coat it. Anyway after I left the office I found Marco injured and looking as if he was about to pass out as men surround him. I found one of Russians guns and shot all of them. I then helped walk Marco to the office even though he wasn't fully aware of what I was doing and I locked him in there with Francesco." I say

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