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"Nandini don't you have anything to ask me? Like anything.. you have been silent all this while." I said as I looked at her.

For the past fifteen minutes only I was the one speaking or rather say blabbering rubbish and all she did was yawn and act totally uninterested in me or my talks. I wasn't interested in her either but my circumstances demanded her.

"I have the right to stay silent and I'll fully use that right of mine." She said with a forced smile and that just irked me even more.

I was practically being forced to meet her. Like I didn't even know what my dad saw in her that he wanted me to marry her and only then he was willing to hand over the business to me. I worked my ass off for the company since the last three years and now to take over the company I had to marry her. Sigh! What a crappy situation!!

I dabbed my lips together and forced a smile, trying hard not to outburst. "Uhh umm What's your hobby?" I yet again tried initiating conversation between us.

"Staying silent." She said as she sipped her juice. Jeez!! She really knew how to raise someone's blood pressure.

"Silence uhhmm..." I trailed off as I clenched my fist, trying hard to stay calm. "Anything you are interested in?"

"Silence." She said yet again, sipping her juice. What the-Business.Business. I reminded myself. "You are a cardiologist. Right?"

"Why do you ask? Do you want me to cut open your heart?" She said in her not so innocent tone and trust me it took me all my willpower not to shout at her.

I laughed, awkwardly. "You are good at joking."

"That wasn't a joke." She smiled cheekily as she played with her fork. God what did my dad see in her?

I pressed my lips and clenched my fist harder. Business. Business. I reminded myself multiple times. "Umm why did you choose this profession?" I asked with a forced smile.

"It gives me the right to cut open hearts. Do you want to be my next patient?" She said as she pointed the fork that she had been playing with towards me. And the look in her eyes gave me creeps and my irritation level had almost skyrocketed.

"You really have a talent to raise people's blood pressure level." I said through clenched jaws.

She blinked her eyelashes and faked a smile. "Thank you for the compliment."

"What the-" I was about to explode but I held back. Business. Business. I reminded myself as I breathed in and out.

For the next fifteen minutes all we did was eat our respective meals with only a few exchange of looks. Huff!! It was better not to talk with her.

"Are your questions finished?" She said after a while as she put her fork down.

"Right to remain silent. I am just using that right of mine." I gave her back her own words and she sniggered before picking up her bag and standing up.

"Make full use of that right. Okay?" She scoffed. "You know I am a busy person. So bye Mr.... umm What was your name by the way?"

Like seriously!!! I didn't even realize when my clenched fist had landed on the table and I could see her smirk. Control. Control.

"Anyway bye. And feel free to reject me." She smiled ever so sweetly as she turned to leave.

"Why should I reject you?" I said as I reclined on the chair and she turned to look at me. "Rejecting you is not even in my option. In fact I like you."

"You are good at joking."

"No no that wasn't a joke.. Actually I think I might as well love you." I said with a forced cheeky smile as I stood up. "See you next time my to be wife." I said as I walked away but I again turned to look at her.

"Manik. Manik Malhotra. That's my name. I hope you'll remember it next time. Actually no you don't need to remember it.. this name will be attached with your name very soon." I waved at her as she glared at me. I clenched my fist and walked away from her.

"Mr. Malhotra." Her voice made me turn. Then she reached up to me with a constant smirk playing on her lips.

"I don't know about my name but if what you just said happens then your heart might not be able to withstand me. You know I am quite good at giving heart attacks." She gave me that creepy look again and I could feel my insides squirm.

"Do you still wish to marry me?" She asked.

She didn't have basic manners.

She was rude and sassy.

She insulted me.

She gave me creeps.

She irked me.

And trust me she was no less than a poison.

But still she was going to be my wife.

"Yes." I replied, half hearted.

"Then get ready to get your heart squashed by me." She faked a smile before patting my shoulder and walking past me.


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