Yang X Blake

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Black the beast descends from shadows...
Yellow beauty burns...gold
The next day things get kinda nuts. The White Rose couple were mad and decided to talk with team JNPR. The team that beat up Ako Yomi was beaten up. Ako then decided to peek on the half of team RWBY.
Blake was about ready to lose it. Classes were over and it seemed long. Her best friend and crush Yang decided to wear the smallest skirt and tightest shirt.
That's right, her crush. Blake decided that she was a lesbian, and Yang was just hot enough to gain Blake's affection, even though Blake didn't act like it.
She was always shy about telling Yang, but today, she was gonna not only tell her, but try to get under that skirt and shirt.
It was lunch time. Yang walked up to Blake with her lunch. They sat down together and started talking. Blake couldn't help but stare at Yang's ample breasts and short skirt. If Yang noticed , she didn't let on.
Blake felt herself get wet at the mere thought of touching those breasts. Then when they were both done, there was roughly a half hour of lunch left.
"Hey, Yang?" Blake asked, calmly.
"Yes?" Yang replied.
"Can we go to the restroom?" Blake asked almost stuttering.
"Sure! Yang smiled. They walked together to the schools girls restroom.
There were two other girls, but they left as soon as Blake and Yang walked in. Good.
"Yang?" Blake asked again.
"What is it?"
Blake couldn't stop herself from stuttering this time. C-can I t-tell you something?"
Yang smiled seductively "Let me guess, you like me?"
Blake gasped and blushed a deep red. "H-how do you know?" Yang pushed Blake into one of stalls forcefully. Yang closed the stall door behind them and got close to Blake.
"I've seen you looking at me." She kissed Blake on the lips.
She pulled away after a couple of seconds. "And to be honest, I've been looking too." She kissed Blake long and hard. Blake asked for entrance and Yang allowed, letting the two girl's tongues explore each other's mouth.
Blake finally couldn't help herself and grasped one of Yang's large breasts roughly, sending a moan from Yang's mouth into Blake's
Now Blake was more than wet. Yang broke the kiss and unbuttoned her white shirt, leaving a full view of her breasts under her lacey yellow bra. Blake licked her lips and did the same. They both threw their shirts on top of the toilet and removed the other's bra. Blake wasted no time in attacking Yang's breasts. She grabbed Yang's right one with her and and bite down on the left ones nipple.
Oh, yes, you like breasts, don't you, you little kitty cat?"
Blake nodded, her mouth still over Yang's now hardened nipples. She continued this breast treatment until Yang pushed her off
"My turn, now kitten." Yang purred. She attacked Blake's breasts ruthlessly. She sucked and bit on one nipple and pinched and flicked the other. Blake groaned loudly.
Yes Yang, just like that!" She yelled. Yang continued and Blake bit down on Yang's neck, determined to mark her territory with a hickey. Yang backed away from Blake's breasts and knelt down.
She unclipped Blake's school skirt off and threw it to join the other discarded clothing materials.
"Naughty girl." She said upon seeing Blake's soaked painties.
"You're soaking wet." She slid off the panties and sat Blake down on the toilet.
"Come on..." Blake panted
"Give it to me rough."
"Hn, you like it like that?" Yang said. She licked Blake's cilt teasingly, earning a silent squeal.
"Please, Yang, stop fucking teasing me!" Blake shouted, starting to massage her breasts. Yang complied and immediately shoved two fingers into Blake's pussy.
"AH! YES!" Blake yelled. Yang started pumping her fingers in and out of the rogue's pussy
"Faster, faster, faster!" Blake pleaded. Yang added a third finger and started pumping faster.
Blake was practically bouncing on the toilet seat by now. "Goddamit it Yang! You're so good at fucking my pussy!" She yelled.
Yang licked Blake's cilt and started going faster, if it was possible. "AHH! YANG! I'M GONNA...!" Blake screamed as she came onto Yang's fingers. Yang licked Blake's cum off her fingers and stood up.
She hoisted herself up by grabbing the stall walls and put her legs on Blake's shoulders, giving Blake a look directly into her skirt. Blake gasped at what she saw under Yang's skirt.
A very small, and very wet black thong. Yang smiled. "Finger my pussy with my skirt on." She commanded. Blake took Yang's thong off without touching the skirt. Then she threw her head into Yang's skirt. She licked and bit her cilt while playing at the entrance with her fingers.
Hmmm, yes." Yang held herself up on the walls, but purposefully spit on her breasts to increase her pleasure. "Enter me. You know you want to." She moaned. Blake complied and thrusted two fingers into Yang's dripping wet pussy. She accompanied her tongue of course and with her tongue, she discovered something. Yang tasted amazing.
Blake had tasted her own cum from masturbating, but never tasted anything like the pussy of her new lover. She got so wet again just by speeding her fingers up. Yang started moaning and thrust her hips into Blake's fingers and tongue.
Yang started to moan louder, signalling that she was close to orgasming. Blake added a third finger and threw Yang over the edge.
I'M CUMMMMMING!" Yang screamed as she released her juices into Blake's mouth. Blake felt herself cum just from the screaming of her lover. Yang got down and stood in front of Blake.
"You done?"
"Not even close." Blake smiled. Yang sat on the toilet seat directly in front of Blake and pushed their chests together. Their boobs rubbed against one another as the two girls made out on the toilet seat. It was a long and sloppy kiss, as the smack of their mouths echoed in the restroom.
They heard the door open and froze, tongues still in the other's mouth. They heard walking and for a terrifying second, it stopped. The sink started and for a minute, the girl who walked in washed her hands.
When they heard it the girl's exit the restroom, they continued ravaging each other's mouths, moaning all the while. Yang broke away and rammed the two girls' pussies together. Blake screamed and the two started scissoring. It felt so good, Blake's lower lips rubbing against those of Yang, who she'd wanted to do this with all semester.
"Y-yang!" Blake groaned getting sweaty.
"I love you so goddamn much!"
w keep fucking my pussy with yours!" They started panting and sped up their scissoring.
"Yang! I'm gonna cum!"
"Me too!" They sped up and as they came simultaneously, their screams drowned out the sound of the bell ending lunch. They slowed to a stop and stood up. They turned and made out again.
Then they were interrupted by the stall door opening. There was a girl staring wide-eyed at the two nipples lesbians in front of her. Blake and Yang blushed wildly and the girl ran away without a sound.
On that awkward note, the two girls got dressed and finished their final school day.
After they were out, Yang said to Blake. "And now we have all winter break to do this even better."
"Really?" Blake asked. "How much better?"
"Let's just say..." Yang bit Blake's ear, making the Fauna wet. "I have toys..."

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