Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

The Frozen Kiss

Ellie's Pov:

I ran over to Sam, quickly pulling her up from all the glass that surrounded her. "What the hell, Sammy?!" I yelled, my breath heaving from how much her fall scared me. She grunted, a piece of glass caught in her knee. "I was trying to bring dishes down here from our room. I guess I tripped." She said with a pain filled laugh. "I'm fine." I furrowed my eyebrows. "You're not fine. You're bleeding." She laughed again. "Why do you suddenly care about me?" She questioned as I lifted her in my arms. "Are you serious? What type of asshole wouldn't help you?" I muttered, setting her down on the living room couch.

I lifted her knee, not meaning to cause her more pain. "Sorry." I apologized, noticing her muscles tightening as she let out a low whine. I examined her knee, seeing the glass was deeper than I thought. "Just...pull it out." She commanded, gripping the arm rest. I shook my head. "I'm sure we have a med kit somewhere. It probably has tweezers or something I could use to remove it easily." I tried to convince her, only getting a stern look. "Ellie...pull it out." I slowly gripped the shard of glass between my thumb and pointer finger, nervously staring up at her. "I don't know about could make matters worse." She slammed her fist into the couch cushion. "Just pull it out, Ellie!"

I quickly yanked it out, Sam screaming in agony. I dropped the red shard on the floor, seeing a smaller piece had broken off and was still inside her leg. "Shh!" I tried quieting her, more blood spewing from her glass wound. I pushed her head in the couch, the only thing I could think of. It muffled her screaming. Eventually she shut up long enough for me to run and find the med kit.

I quickly pulled out the other shard after applying numbing cream so she wouldn't hurt as much as before.

She stared down at me, her face blank now as I placed a warm towel over her knee, cleaning the blood. "This is new." I stated. "Usually you'd take care of me, now I'm taking care of you." She rolled her eyes, watching me make her a new towel that had alchol and peroxide. "Thank you."

I sighed, switching the tainted towel with the new one. "Any time."

As I dabbled the towel, I watched her twirl her hair between her fingers, silence filling the living room.

It didn't take long, the towel grew old and red. I switched it again with a fresh one, minutes crawling by, the blood slowly stopping.

"I'm sorry for being a dick earlier." I said slowly, pressing down on her knee. She nodded. "It's alright."

I helped her stretch her leg out more.

"Did you miss me?" She asked me out of the blue. I pressed down harder, responding for a few seconds.

"Depends on if you missed me." I answered her, lightly shrugging my shoulders. I took a quick glance up at her, catching her angelic smile. "Yes. I missed you very much."

I couldn't help the dumb blush that showed on my cheeks. "Aww." Sam teased me, only making them redder.

"Shut up."

She smiled again, standing up now as I did.

"Can we get some air?" She asked, already grabbing her jacket from the rack. I raised my brow. "It's nearly midnight and it's snowing out. Plus, you're injured. It'd be best if you headed up to bed, young lady." She rolled her eyes, limping towards the door. "The snow stopped. It's just a few flakes. And last time I checked, I was four months older than you."

I sighed, watching her tye her boots and looking at me. "I'll be outside if you need me." She said with a smile, walking out the backdoor, shutting it behind her.

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