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•{ Tori's POV }•

After we finished our food.
Diego took me to their tv room where he helped me find Friends the tv show and we managed to find the english version.

We stayed there for two hours as I explained some of the show and talked about it. Even though Diego never said or asked a word.

It was just normal.

I apparently fell asleep which brings us to right now where Diego is carrying me up the stairs to my room. I let him lay me on the bed then he shuts the curtains and leaves the room shutting the door but not before he says "buonanotte stella" which Italian for goodnight star and that was all I heard before I drifted back to sleep.


Next thing I know I'm being shaken awake by a very concerned Elena and Angelina.

"Wake up sleeping beauty...we're under attack!" Angelina tells me trying to seem calm but failing miserably. It's then I hear gun shots and what sounds like grades going off.

I sit up out of bed and run into my closet and change into my black work out pants and a black v neck shirt. I go back into my room to see Elena and Angelina looking freaked out.

"What do you know?" I ask cautiously

"We are bring attacked by the Russians, I think...and we are a little out numbered considering half of our men are on jobs trying to find out information about the Russians and some I think are doing trades."
Angelina explains

"You two aren't as in the dark as they think...is there anywhere you two can hide? Like a safe room?" I ask

"There's a safe room inside of the library across the hall.. we were told to find you and take you with us." Elena says

"Who told you to do such a stupid thing?"
I ask

"Luca, your father , Francesco, Marco, and Riccardo." Elena answers

"Come on." I tell them grabbing both of them and leading them to the library I had found earlier. I hear gun shots and a lot of bodies but I remain focus and highly aware of my surroundings.

I see Elena hit a part underneath the shelf with her foot and the shelf moves. I waste no time shoving both her and Angelina in there as I hear foot steps.

"Come on Tori." Angelina almost begs

"No. I'm going to keep us from being outnumbered." I say seriously

"But they said..." Angelina warns

"Screw them. I would rather go against their orders then let them die knowing I could've very well have saved them." I reply sternly

I tap the same spot as Elena and watch the shelf close the last thing I hear is Elena say
"I knew you wouldn't hide away. Be safe."

I turn around and I shut the library doors locking them then I walk downstairs quietly and quickly not getting caught. I see Russians guards dressed in black but with their flag on the front pocket. I take down the three on the steps swiftly. I knock two of their heads into the wall hard then I kick the other one making him land on his knees as I pull him backwards slamming his hand on the floor. After I finish I continue down the stairs and that's when I spot Francesco, Luca's father, and my fathers bestfriend, bleeding out underneath the staircase. I run over to him and I see he is still conscious. I kneel down beside him.

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