Chapter three meeting clemintine and lee.

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I was woken up by Kenny and told me to head outside and see if Hershel and his son needed any help around the place. I got up and climbed down the ladder and saw two people still asleep on the floor. One was a black man with a blue shirt and the other was a girl that looked to be the same age as me. Kenny then walked up behind me and said

Kenny: "I should wake these people up, go and see if Hershel's son, Shawn needs any help.

I nodded and headed over to Shawn who was by the chicken coop feeding the chickens. I walked up to him and greeted him.

Y/N: "Hi."

Shawn: "Oh hi, you must be that kid Kenny picked up right?"

Y/N: "Yes."

Shawn: "Well hey listen, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your dad and your sister. I believe that she'll be okay." He says as he puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

Y/N: "Thanks Shawn. Now Kenny said that you needed my help with something."

Shawn: "Oh yeah, here take this chicken feed and just toss it towards the chickens. They'll be all over that food like a pack of hungry wolves." He says as he passes my the bag of chicken feed.

As he leaves, I look to my right and see the two people I saw earlier in barn look at me and I wave to them.

Lee's POV.

I saw the little boy wave to me and I waved back to him.

Lee: "Hey Kenny, who's that little boy over by the chicken coop?"

Kenny: "That's Y/N. We found him on the side of the road when we were leaving Atlanta. I think his father may have turned into one of those things out there and his sister got separated from them. Poor kid." He says as he frowns.

Clementine: "Hey Lee can I go talk to him?"

Lee: "I don't know. Why don't I come with ya, we'll talk to him together.

Clementine: "Okay I guess."

We then walked over to him to say hi to him. That's when I noticed the gun in his back pocket. Know I'm really worried about this boy.

Lee: "Hi you must be Y/N."

Y/N: "That's my name, don't wear it out." He jokes.

Lee: "My names Lee. And this is clementine."

Clementine: "Hi there."

Y/N: "Hi clementine."

Lee: "Whatcha doin there?"

Y/N: "I'm just feeding the chickens, they sure are hungry."

Clementine: "Can I try it?"

Y/N "Yea sure it's pretty easy, just grab a handful of this stuff and just throw it in there with the chickens." Clementine then grabs a handful of chicken feed and tosses it in the coop and the chicken immediately peck away at it.

Clementine: "Whoa look at em go!" Just then Shaun then calls my name and tells me to come over and help him.

Lee: "Hey clementine, I've gotta talk to Shaun about something, you alright with Y/N for a minute?"

Clementine: "Yea I'll be okay Lee."

Lee: "Okay I'm just over there if you need something."


As Lee walks away, I start throwing more chicken feed into the coop.

Y/N: "So that man isn't your dad I'm guessing?"

Clementine: "No he found me in my treehouse and I saved him from one of those monsters out there. What are they?"

Y/N: "I don't know, but we know that they are dangerous and scary."

Clementine: "I heard about what happened to your dad and sister."

As she said that I went wide eyed and looked down with a frown.

Clementine: "I'm sorry I di-."

Y/N: "It's Okay, it's not your fault."

We stayed in silence for a moment before I ask.

Y/N: "So where are your parents at?"

Clementine: "They went to savannah on vacation for there job stuff I think. I'm hoping their okay."

Y/N: "I'm sure their okay clementine. It may be safe there in savannah too. And maybe my sisters there."

Clementine: "Yea."

Just as I was about to say something we heard a loud scream and the sound of a tractor turning on. We look over and see Shaun's leg pinned down by the tractors tire and those monsters were by the fence reaching out for him and Duck. I see Hershel running into the house to get his gun I'm guessing. Me and clementine run over to see Lee and Kenny helping Duck so I pull out my pistol to try and save Shaun but I pull the trigger and it's out of bullets. Just as Lee was about to help Shaun, the monsters break open the fence and start biting at him. We then see Hershel run out with his rifle and he is shocked to see his son being eaten alive by them and he shoots all of them in the head. We all go up behind the father crouching down by his sons corpse.

Hershel: "Get out. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!"

We all had shocked looks on our faces and clementine was shaking next to me.

Lee: "I'm sorry I thought I could save both of them."

Hershel: "Your sorry?!? Look at my son, you could have saved him but you didn't. Just go... Get out! And never come back!"

We all started to walk away from the depressing scene and Kenny said to Lee.

Kenny: "We got that ride to Macon if you want it."

We all climbed in the truck and drove away from the farmhouse never to return to that place ever again.

And that peeps is your story and how you met Clementine and Lee. Ik this chapter didn't feature much Clem and reader but next chapter is mostly gonna be that. So long peoples.

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