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I walked into school, went to all my classes and finally lunch... I don't have many friends so I don't really have many people to sit with. "Y/N! Y/N!"
I look over to where my name was being called and saw Adrian waving and calling my name. I giggled and walked over. "Hey" I said as calmly as I could. "Hey, you can hang with us!"
"Awe thanks" I sat down next to him. I was in between him and another guy, who was very attractive. I looked forward at the girls across from me. They al looked welcoming but one of them. "Hey, I'm Kenna, what's your name?"
"My names y/n"  You said quietly. "Awe that's a cute name!" Said another girl across from me. "My names Hannah, It's nice to meet you." She said. I looked over to the last girl, who looks like she has an attitude. "I'm Gabrielle"
"It's nice to me you" I said, with a closed eye smile. "Yeah, I guess"
Adrians eyes widened a little. "I'm Kai" said the deep voice from aside me. I looked to my left and smiled. "Nice to meet you Kai"
"You too"
Lunch was already about over now so I just skipped getting food. We talked more and I kept getting death glares form Gabrielle. I rolled my eyes and got up. "Class is about to start, so I'm gonna get going, thank you for letting me sit with you guys!" They waved and I speed walked away. I heard a set of footsteps behind me. I walked a little faster until I got to my locker. I looked back and it was just Adrian. I let out a sigh of relief. "Hey, did you wanna come over after school?"
"Uh yeah, I'm pretty I can" After class I went to find Adrian so we can get on the bus together because I don't want to sit with people I don't know. I finally found him and we walked to the bus. "Here's my phone number and address"
"Thank you, what time should I be there?"
"Like 4:30 to 5"
"Okay I'll be there"
We took our seats and in like 5 minutes I felt a weight on my shoulder. I blushed and looked over at the young boy resting on my shoulder. "Is this okay with you?" His voice sounds soft and tired. "Yeah! It's okay, I get it. School is very tiresome." I let out a breathy sigh and waited to get home.

After 5 years of not updating here I am!! I hope you enjoy this one I thought it was okay but don't be afraid of leaving feedback if you have any ideas or comments

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