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Main characters

Starring Captain Mayra (human)

She is a young woman, 27 years old, assumed the human leadership, after the Admiral of the Earth Army ordered her to escape in the ship-colony that the Human Government prepared with samples of DNA, seeds, medical and laboratory resources, food and everything necessary to restart human life on a suitable planet, called Ross 128b, located 11 light years from Earth.

Mayra is a girl of Latin descent, with long black hair, whose dark skin and fine features hide a strong and determined personality. When she is sharing with the rest of the crew, she is an affable young woman, with an easy laugh, she enjoys every second, since she knows that life is ephemeral, an experience she acquired when the human-centauri hybrids rebelled against the laws of the Earth. But when she must command her ship, she becomes a strong woman, accurate and assertive in her decisions, so much so that sometimes she feels her feelings disappear and a soulless being takes over her mind. Capable of everything to keep his people alive.

His childhood friend was Alyopo, a hybrid who turned out to be the offspring of a royal caste and with whom he had a close relationship before the Great Rebellion.

Regent Alyopo (human-centauri hybrid)
He's a young being, 30 years old equivalent in human age. His appearance is strange, indefinite, because hybrids have the ability to change their features that make them look more feminine or masculine (according to human canons), although when desired, can adopt the appearance of pure Centauri: excessively white skin and fine features. They are hermaphrodites, capable of fertilizing themselves or others, all by choice.

Alyopo is the result of the union between a human and the Centauri Regent, who tried to flee with the baby, when the man knew the true nature of who he considered his wife. The man killed the Centauri and tried to raise Aliopo more as a human than a Centauri, but the young man discovered the truth and the prisoner of rage killed his father. He fled to the Centauri colony, where he learned of stories similar to his own. He swore to kill all humans for revenge.As a child he met Mayra, who was the only human who accepted him as he was, even when he frightened her by transforming himself in front of her. For her, Aliopo would always be her friend... until the war broke out.

Secondary characters

Humans Lieutenant Reymos

He is 30 years old, is the replacement of Captain Mayra when she takes his role as combat pilot, due to the casualties that have occurred by the attacks of the Centauri hybrids.

He hates the Centauri and their hybrids, blaming them for all the terrestrial misfortunes, although deep down he knows that they were the same humans that produced the debacle. He secretly loves Mayra and always saw Aliopo as a rival to be destroyed.

Lieutenant Cobra

He's 28 years old and the best fighter pilot in the human colony. Thanks to him, they have managed to escape from the Centauri fighters who manage to reach them from time to time, especially when they must stop at some planet or planetoid to make repairs or seek resources.

He has a hybrid teenage brother, whom he keeps under control in his family cabin. But he knows that he could be discovered at any moment.


She is 24 years old, the fruit of the love between a Centauri and a human. She lived happily among her family until the Great War broke out. Her parents tried to take refuge with the woman's family, but the Centauri sacrificed himself for them to survive.

He loves his two races, but had to choose one side in order to carry out his plans.


He's 40 years old, he's a veteran pilot, accurate and lethal. It is the nemesis of Lieutenant Cobra, who only once managed to ruin his ship, only saved because the shot destroyed part of the wing of his ship. Thanks to his dexterity, he reached the hangars safely. He swore revenge on Cobra.

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