Day 6: The Television cont.

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If I wasn't reflecting on how sincere that woman's gratitude was, I was worrying about the state of my television. What if I only spurred some unsavory contractor on by putting up my cautionary note on my bedroom door. What if they took my threat as a challenge and went in unbidden to the embarrassing mess inside my bedroom? What if it wasn't just my TV that would get damaged that day?

It took everything in me to push away those thoughts and focus on the presentation of Operation White Christmas. Thankfully, since it was Mark's idea originally, I simply chimed in when the Snow Bunnies were specifically given attention. I think Mark's proposal went well and Shelby granted us the marketing money needed to target three different metropolitan areas in the South that were forecasted for an unexpected snowfall in the next week or two. Despite this success, however, my boss decided to tack one more question at the end in regards to my own proposal. How was I going to get Heidi Blake's endorsement? I reiterated that I knew she would be at a party hosted by an heiress to a multibillion dollar hotel group. I happen to have a cousin who is the manager of the hotel the party would be held at and she would be able to get me into the party.

Shelby pointed out that at party with hundreds, it would be impossible for a nobody like me to get Heidi's attention. I told her I'm not a nobody. She simply stated I was a nobody to a bunch of teenage Instagram influencers. That was the end of the meeting and I was left feeling more uneasy than I had been going in.

After work, I decided I wouldn't be taking the bus. Instead, I swapped out my heels for a pair of Snow Bunnies. A snug fit, I felt happy with the way the fleece hugged my foot and how the suede complimented the sheen of my skinny cut dress pants. Bundling up in my wool coat, I set out of my building with plans to walk the two miles to my condo building. I needed the time to prepare myself for what might be lurking in my bedroom when I got home. I also wasn't ready to see the woman with the broken shoe again. Not that we ever really ran into each other after work, but there was a chance that we would and it was a chance I wasn't willing to take that day. I needed the weekend to put some distance between us before she laid her pleading, quiet gaze on me again.

Strolling through the city, I was bombarded by the flashing lights, bright window displays, and festive cheer. The street musicians played Christmas carols and bell ringers beckoned a Merry Christmas to all as they collected donations of change. The city lived and breathed the fervent energy of eager shoppers. Each one of those shoppers, I thought with a smile, could be a Sullivan Snow Bunny customer. Perhaps they'll see me in my stylish footwear and even stop to ask which store I got them from. Word of mouth was always the cheapest, most effective form of marketing.

Except no one asked me.

In fact, I passed by multiple window displays with the Snow Bunnies in prominent view and very few people reacted to them. And I didn't understand why. They were cute, with their fluffy fringe of fleece and large decorative buttons along the side. Plus we launched with three different colors to choose from, brown, grey, and white. What wasn't there to love?

Frustrated and feeling rather chilly, I checked my GPS and discovered I still had a mile to go. I thought about grabbing a taxi to finish the rest of my trip since my feet were numb and my hands frozen, but I still didn't have an active credit card and there was no cash in my wallet. As I debated how pathetic I would look going into a store simply to sit and warm up, I reflected on how I found myself in such a miserable situation. And I knew exactly who to place the blame on — Alistair.

True to his word, I hadn't heard a peep from him since the day I told him to leave me alone. At that moment, though, I really wished he was around simply so I could unleash the full extent of my fury upon his annoyingly charming face.

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