I Love You More

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Mikasa (yes, in some chapters, I am going to be doing it in their prescriptive, it gives me an opportunity to be more detailed and add more emotion) 

Today was the day Eren would be coming home, making me feel ecstatic. 3 weeks have passed since he's been awake and responsive, which couldn't make me happier. 

"Levi, Akane and I are leaving now," I stated, scooping Akane up from the floor as she laughed. I smiled down at my daughter and looked at her features, in my opinion, the older she was getting, she started to look more like Eren, his sharp jawline, his eyes, and even his face structure, the only thing that didn't look like him was the hair, which looked like mine. 

"Okay, be careful you two," he warned, kissing Akane's forehead and we exited the house and left to go to the hospital.

"DADA DADA DADA!" Akane screamed, stomping her feet in the car. I chuckled and tried my very best not to look back at my beautiful daughter. Ever since she had said those words, she hasn't stopped saying them.

"I know sweetheart, we're seeing Dada," I said, concentrating on the road. 


"Akane, you have to be quiet, okay baby? Mommy's trying to focus," I said, feeling guilty as the words escaped my lips, I wasn't the stern parent. "We're here anyway sweetheart." She bounced up and down as I tried to settle her down, finally being able to pick her up. 

"Hi Mikasa and Akane!" Ellie waved at us as Akane waved back. "I'll let Eren know you're on your way there." 

"Thanks Ellie." And with that, we walked, but Akane insisted to be put down. 

"Down!" I set her down and watched her walk by herself down the hospital hall. She had been practicing for awhile, but this was a complete shock. I covered my face with my hands and began to cry, she was growing up too fast.

"Akane, come back to Mommy," I bent down to her height and reached my arms out. She walked as fast as she could as I tackled her into a hug and lifted her up and kissed her, I was so proud of her. 

"I'm so proud of you baby girl! Let's go tell Daddy!" I exclaimed, running to Eren's room.


"Akane walked on her own today!" Eren also began to tear up and sitting up for Akane to sit on his lap.

"Did you baby? I am so proud of you!" Eren cried as she looked up at him with confusion. I let her go out of my arms as she crawled to him.

"What wrong, Dada?" He looked down at our daughter and smiled. 

"Nothing baby, I am just so proud of you and I can't wait to come home today." Akane smiled and lay on Eren's chest. 

"Book!"Akane pointed at the book I brought Eren on his sidetable. 

"Yup sweetie, that's a book." Eren's smile never left his face as I sat myself at the edge of the bed. 

"Read?" He shook his head and chuckled. 

"No sweetheart, it's too grown up for you," Eren looked up at me and winked. I had sent him a book of pictures of me while he was away, each day he was gone and some of them were not the most appropriate. 

"Go home?" We looked down at Akane, who was waiting patiently to spend time with her dad at home. 

"Not yet hunny bun, we have to wait till the doctor comes in," I butt in. She frowned and got more comfortable on Eren's chest.

20 minutes later, a doctor with shaved hair walked in, having a smile on his face. 

"Well Eren, looks like you can go home now! You already signed the papers before so you and your family can leave." We all smiled at each other and gathered Eren's things and hurried home. 

"Dada!" Eren lifted up Akane once we walked in the door and sat in her playpen with her. 

"Welcome home Eren," Levi greeted, which made Eren surprised. 

"Uh, thanks." I chuckled and began to waddle to the kitchen to make dinner. 

"Mikasa, I can make dinner, okay?" Levi offered as I sighed. 

"Okay, I feel bad." He shook his head and scooted me back to Eren and Akane.

"Have fun with the family, okay? Be happy!" I smiled and sat on Eren's lap, which caused him to smile against my skin. "Tch. Keep in PG, okay?" Levi waved the spoon in his hand and rolled his eyes. We laughed and watched in awe at our child, seeing how invested she was in learning. 

"Dinners ready!" Levi yelled at Akane ran to her chair, looking up at Levi. "Akane, when did you start walking without Mommy?" 

"Today." Levi smiled and lifted her up on highchair. I fed her some mac and cheese as the rest of the family had pork and potatoes. 

"You want me to finish so you can eat?" Eren offered, taking the spoon from me. I smiled and nodded as I grabbed a plate and sat across from them, loving the sight of them. 

"I love you two so much," I smiled while eating as Eren blushed. 

"We love you more." 

"We'll see about that tonight." 


"HARDER!"I screamed, almost reaching my peek. Eren obeyed. I reached my climax soon after, becoming a moaning mess. I panted, needing to catch my breath as Eren came inside me. 

"I told you I love you more," Eren snickered. I rolled my eyes and began to doze off, not worrying about sleeping naked. 

"Goodnight Eren, I love you." 

"I love you more."

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