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August P.O.V.

"Michelle just tell me where you live damn! " I said clearly irritated.

"No!, let her gone head and have that second baby and then I will tell you where I live. " Michelle said not giving in.

"But I wanna see my baby girl and most importantly you. " I said trying to convince her telling me where she live.

"No August. " She said.

"Please Michelle! " I begged.

"Okay fine ugh! " She said giving in.

"So." I said.

"Toledo, Ohio. " She simply said.

"Why Toledo? " I asked her.

"I just wanted to move somewhere, where it's not common. " She said.

"Oh okay I understand, but I will be there in three days. " I said.

"Okay, I love you. "

"Yep me to. " I said then hanging up on her.

This dumb bitch.


"Neveah baby come here!!! " I called out.

"Yes? " She asked coming down the steps.

"Sit down. "

She sat down slowly and I sat down across the from her on the other couch.

She looked at me.

"I got

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