Chapter Nine-Luna

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I woke up feeling really dizzy. The room was spinning and I couldn't what was real or what was a double. I looked around and saw multiple white blobs. The more I breathed in, the more disconnected I felt with my body. A white blob stood over me. My eyelids were forced wide open and the blob leaned in closer. When it did, I realized it wasn't a blob at all. It was a scientist. I was instantly in a panic.

What was going on? Why is there a scientist? Am I back in the lab? What is wrong with me? Why can't I feel my body? I struggled to move my limbs, but the only movement I got was a twitch of my finger and toe. I was frustrated with myself. Why was I like this? My head felt like I was high on drugs. What if I am? I tried to speak, but what came out was muffled by something over my mouth. I tried my best to look down and saw there was a mask on my mouth. My clothes were also white. The mask looked like it was hooked to a gray blob with colorful blinking lights that must be a machine. I am being drugged.

They were drugging me up so I wouldn't be able to fight back. I tried to produce some light, but I barely managed any light. They had me. I was a sitting duck and they had me. I closed my eyes thinking of how I am finally defeated.I tried to think of what David was doing right now.

Has he realized I'm gone? If so, is he looking for me? Why am I thinking this? Of course he wouldn't come looking for me. After all of those things I said, he wouldn't even consider helping me. I felt guilty for being so mean to him. I just wish he would forgive me. I wish he would come help me, but I knew the chances of that were slim to none.

I don't know if I was imagining things or not, but I think I felt a tear roll down my face. David is my only family. He's helped me through a lot and I've helped him. That was even before I knew we were siblings. I wonder if he will eventually find the tunnel. Will he go in it? Will he see the big gaping hole in the ceiling? Will he even think anything of it?

I also thought of Agatha and Mitchell. The two humans who had the hearts to protect me. Who gave me fresh clean clothes. Who washed my dirty clothes. Who nursed me back to health. I wonder if they were home by now. Had David said anything about what happened earlier? Do they even know what we are? I'm sure they do, but you never know.

I thought about my mom and dad. I realized I might never know what happened to them. I wonder if they had any other kids. If I were them, I wouldn't because I wouldn't want my third kid taken away from me. It would be too painful after getting my first two kids taken. I wonder if they are out there, looking for David and I. I wonder if they missed us as much as I missed them. I wonder if they ever thought of how I would look like now, like I do to them. I wonder if they still loved me...

I opened my eyes to a white blob (scientist) standing over me. They examined my eyes again. ThenI heard it speak to me.

"Don't worry. It won't be long now." thats all it said before pressing a button on the machine and walking away.

I thought of what it could mean. Does it mean I'm dying? Are they killing me? Why would they want to kill me? David and I are their most successful experiments. Get rid of me and all the have left is David. What if they had David? They think I'm too difficult so their getting rid of me and continuing tests on David. I couldn't let that happen. He may have been stupid and annoying at first, but he has grown on me.

I think the scientist increased the drug because my eyes started to feel heavy. My heart felt like it was floating. I felt completely ditached from my body. Like my soul was floating up to a better place. A better place without scientists or labs or tests or adlets or werebears. I would be safe wherever I was going. I don't know how I knew, but I knew. When I forced my eyes open, I wasn't in the lab. I was in my home. I was sitting beside my mother who was sewing. I looked up and outside of the window I saw David and dad throwing a football.

The scene made me smile.This is all I ever want. To be reunited with my family. If I was dead, let me be dead. If this is where my soul will stay for eternity then let it stay. If this is what its like to die then I couldn't be more happy.

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