part 32

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Guys stop this nonsense ha. I know you Wanted me to end this story that's why votes are decreasing. And if this continue then I'll end its withou good end. Or huva na to ma anika ki daksh sa shadi kara doo gi 😏 .so  Dont underestimate me

Lets start

Shiv. Where is seerat Tia. I'm asking politely. If you didnt tell then police will itself make you speak with sticks.

Tia. First Marry me then I'll tell you. She said stubbornly

Shakti. Dont warn her. Just Call police and make her arrest then she will tell.

Shiv. Dont worry I've already called police inspector.

Tia widen her eyes to seeing police infront of her

Tia. You cant do this.

Shiv. You didnt leave another choice miss tia. Inspector come and take her with you and beat her till she done spill out anything.

In. Dont worry mr oberoi. Asa chitrol karoo gi na ka sab kuch bola gi tota ki tara.😂😂😂

Tia. No no I'm telling I'm telling. She is in attic. I had hid her there so that no one could find her.

Shiv. Bloody bitch he held her and slapped her hard on her face.

Shiv. Take her with you inspector and do as you had already decided. .

Tia. You liar how could you do it

Shiv. You should thank me that I'm giving you to police other wise I can kill you also. Inspector dont waste your time and take with you  this piece of shit.

In. Yeah sure. Saying this she handcuffed her and started dragging her with her

Tia. I'll not leave you shivaay now see how I take revenge from you.

Shiv. First enjoy your trip in jail then decide how will you take revenge. He smirk.

Tia. I'll come back for sure it's my promise to you.

Shiv. Ara inspector take this slut.dont waste mime  and yours time.  Inspector nodded and left with her

P...bhiya my daughter

Shiv. Dont you dare to take her name from your filthy mouth priyanka. I very well known how were you treating my stop this nonsense

P. She is my baby bhiya how can I do this to her.

Shiv. Will you stop your fucking drama. I know your real face so just shut up. Although I've taken her custody showing her an orphan so now  you have nothing to do with her.

Pinky. How can you do this shivay

Shiv. I can do manythings mrs oberoi. Dont show me eyes. Saying this he left to get his daughter.

Daddy, she run and climbed on him.

Shiv. My princess are you ok ??

S. Daddy I was so scared. There were  loads of rats. She cry

Shiv. Shshs it's ok I'm here. Calm down .

S. Daddy Tia aunty is so bad she said she will kill if I'll make noises and she left pushing me in dark. Plz daddy throw her out from our house. I dont like her.

Shiv. Everything is fine baby. She is gone. I've already kicked her out.

S. I love u daddy

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