Prologue-Until We Meet Again

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I would have used this cover but it was deemed 'inappropriate' so I'll use it here instead! <3


Until We Meet Again

I watch him through hooded eyes as he completely ignores my presence as if I was nothing more than a speck on the wall. This is new since everyone usually fights for my attention but here this beauty sits, completely ignoring me. His tongue shoots out as he quickly licks his finger before turning the page. My mouth salivates as I watch this small innocent action and my cock throbs in my black slacks. What I wouldn't give to have him on his knees with his hands tied behind his back as he uses that tongue to work my cock into orgasm. I tilt my head as I watch his eyes quickly scan the material in front of him with absolutely no emotions.

"So what do you think Mr. Delaney?" I ask after a few more minutes of silence.

He looks at me quickly with blank brown eyes before looking back at the papers. "If you don't interrupt me I'll get my thoughts together and tell you."

My brows shoot up in surprise and I'll be lying if I said that didn't make my cock leak. My hands twitch as I resist the urge to bend him over the desk and make his ass red from my palm for his disrespect. I narrow my eyes at him before looking at Swanson who is watching me with a blank face but amused eyes. Rolling my eyes I look back at the beauty in front of me. His soft brown hair is short on the sides and long on the top. It's the perfect length to grab hold of as I hammer into him from behind. His face is lightly tan with small pink lips and a button nose. His eyes are a beautiful brown that hide all emotions other then indifference.

"It's a great start so far Mr. Vheris. I'm sure if you continue with the same passion this story will be a bestseller. All you have to do is make sure you don't make the situations overly dramatic or solve them too quickly. Chapter 5 had a situation where I think you can make it better. All in all it's a great book so far." He says with a dull tone that makes my brows furrow.

"If you think it's so great then why do you not sound excited?" I ask and I'm surprised and turned the fuck on to see a blush taint his cheeks.

"Your intense staring and the constant adjustment of the erection in your slacks isn't very professional." He states bluntly and I feel my face heat up as he throws me a smirk.

"So is it going through?" I ask after throwing him a glare.

"Yes it will, Mr. Vheris." He nods and stands from his chair to his adorable height of 5'5.

I stand to my 6'5 height and nod while button my suit jacket. "Good, thank you for your time."

"Thank you for coming to Delaney Publishing with the story." He smiles with no true happiness in his eyes.

"It's the best publishing house in the state, I wouldn't go anywhere else." I say while I stick out my hand.

He places his small soft hand in mine and a nod. "Pleasure doing business Mr. Vheris."

"Yes it was." I say and lift his small hand to my lip for a quick kiss. "Until we meet again Mr. Delaney."

The image of his bright red face stays with me as I make my way out of the building and into my car. I look up at the window of the 20th floor of the building, Mr. Sullivan Delaney's office. As Swanson pulls away from the curb and into the heavy traffic I spot said CEO watching the car with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his slacks through his floor and ceiling windows. Yes, until we meet again and I will make sure that's very soon.  

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