Chapter Seventeen

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She whimpered...he whimpered. She let out a howl, his howl, he sense the danger, he sense the betrayal, he has to go warn his master. Bad men everywhere, he was locked up in the stables, he pushed himself towards the doors but no budge. He jumped and jumped over the stables but it was too high. He dug and dug a larger hole under the doors, but he wasn't quick enough, he scratched the walls and the ground.

He sense someone, someone familiar, he cried out for help, he knew the scent, he knew, he howled for her to come and free him. He whimpered... He lowered his head to see, could be his sister... his sister. Danger he sensed, death he sensed... He was dying, his master was dying, he cried and howled. He needed his sister to free him, she knew he was there, she saw him and she was just there hiding...

But danger came, there was danger coming, more... more bad men came for him. He growled and growled to make them go away. Bad men came, they were looking down at him, pointing at him, he growled at them, he tried to jump at them... All of sudden, he felt pain, sharp pain around his body, he whimpered in pain. Pain, it hurt him so much... He was dying... Laying down, he could see his master's sister, he knew her, she was his sister's master. His master's sister looked sad...

Lyanna screamed, she screamed as if she was in agony, she thought she died. She screamed and wailed for Robb.

"Lyanna!" Her crippled brother said worriedly.

She still screamed until the green boy came to her and held her "Lyanna! It's okay, you're here!" he told her.

She glanced around, she whimpered, "Where is he?" she cried, "Where's Robb?"

"You were dreaming, my lady" Meera crouched down beside her. "You're with us, all along"

"Yes," Jojen nodded, "Bran, Hodor, Meera and I... Summer and Visenya are just outside. You never left"

"But I was with Robb, I was just with him!" She said tearfully. "I knew! I sensed it! I sensed he was dying!"

"Lyanna, please!" She was scaring Bran. "Please, stop!"

Once she finally calmed, she stepped outside to be alone, she wondered what the dream was about, could it be the Warg thing? She felt Robb was there, was it Grey Wind she entered? It was entirely impossible because it was supposed to be Visenya's mind. She didn't want to scare Bran, but he wanted to know. She didn't want to tell him, it was raining, the grounds were empty and isolated, the people were gone, those who fought each other yesterday. She went back inside the tower, and Bran, Hodor and the Reed children looked at her.

"It's cold" Lyanna blurted.

They looked at her for a moment until Jojen spoke up "We're just stepping further and further towards the Wall"

"We should get moving, reach for the Wall, there isn't anyone around" She said as she picked up her sword, "I suggest we should go now before someone comes"

It took a moment for one of them to speak up, she knew they had questions that needed to be answered about what she had dreamt about.

"Now!" She blurted out.

Meera stood up to pack up her shield and frog, Jojen picked up his stick and grabbed his things, Lyanna went to help Bran to get on Hodor's back then Meera helped.

They went exploring, Jojen Reed leading, Bran in his basket on Hodor's back, Summer and Visenya padding by their side. Once the direwolf bolted through a dark door and returned a moment later with a grey rat between his teeth. The Rat Cook, Lyanna thought, but it was the wrong color, and only as big as a cat. The Rat Cook was white, and almost as huge as a sow . . .

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