Chapter 7

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POV Rosalie

Me, Katherine and Maria walked the street with some of my men around me

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Me, Katherine and Maria walked the street with some of my men around me.

We are heading to the church where Maria said the witch was. I held a face of pure irritation. I hate witch yet agreed to speak with one.

"Oh come on. Smile it's not the end of the world." Katherine said nudging me and I narrow my eyes growling at her.

"Says the one who's never been a target for most witches and warlocks." I hissed and she flinched at the memory.

"I definitely don't appreciate being burnt alive but hey I'm trying to make the best of it. Maybe this one isn't so bad." She pointed out and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah sure, that's it." I muttered as I slide my glasses up and keep my black long coat covering my sparkling dress from view.

It helped us blend into the crowds. Especially with my mates on the loose. Yeah no I can't have attention drawn to me.

"The church is right up here." Maria said softly and I nod.

"Alright disperse. We go in one at a time. Just Incase we have company." I spoke softly and they nod.

"I'll go in first." Maria volunteered and I nod. "Good I don't feel like having a migraine." I spoke rubbing my head.

"Hey you get use to it after a while." Katherine said with a bump of her butt. I roll my eyes but nod anyways.

We wait a few minutes after Maira entered before sending Katherine in.

My eyes were casted back and forth watching for any witches. Yet I didn't see the one person coming from my right side.

More like I felt them making me turn pinning them to the wall.

I narrowed my eyes tilting my head and I realized it's one of Marcel's men.

"What do you want?" I asked and he motioned with his eyes to the church and I narrow my eyes a bit before letting off my tight grip on his throat.

"Marcel is inside. Waiting for you with the human pastor."

I roll my eyes. "Alright. Scram." I hissed and he nods before taking off and I look to my guards with a sigh.

"You all suck at your job." I motioned and they raise their brows.

"You said no violence." Was their reply and I sigh.

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