Deck The Hall's

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I woke before my alarm went off and decided to get on up. Wrapping my thickest robe around me I went to check the thermostat. There was a chill in the home and I wanted it toasty before the others woke.

My next stop was the kitchen where I immediately started a pot of coffee before selecting ingredients for a breakfast casserole that would feed this entire crew. No sooner than I had mixed everything and popped it into the oven London made his entrance freshly showered and wearing jeans along with a sweater. Leaning down, he kissed me and smiled. "Good morning baby doll. I'll take care of the rest so you go on and shower".

Taking him up on his offer, I skirted upstairs and reappeared later wearing some wool leggings, oversized graphic t-shirt paired with a drape sweater. Naturally I selected my well worn in duck boots as I had retired my notorious high heels to the city. Out here in the country I was just Laney, girl from the sticks. I wasn't the queen or married to the most dangerous killer. I was just old me.

Everyone had arose and now the kitchen smelled of the greatest aromas. We chatted as we ate and soon we were all getting ready to start the busy day ahead. The guy's would file outdoors to stream the lights, hang the wreaths and turn the lawn into a Christmas paradise. Us girl's would get busy removing the Fall decor from inside and transforming the home into a fairy tale dream. The mantles would have garland resting upon it as greenery and red bows adorned the staircases. Decorative Christmas pillows sat plumply on the furniture as throws in red, green and gold draped the chairs. The smell of Apple's and cinnamon began to fill the house as we jammed to the most beloved Christmas song's. However it wasn't long before the predicted storm begin to move in. Like children us women gathered in front of the windows to watch this wonderful display.

"What do you mean Dem?" London yelled in annoyance .

"I mean that the damn strand of lights isn't long enough to reach all the way across Pape". Dem replied smartly.

" How can that be? These are the same one's we used last year. You trying to say they shrunk or some shit? "

"No. I'm saying they are too short. I don't know why, they just are". Demarco huffed.

As the two men tried to figure this out Duel approached carrying another strand of light's. "You have the wrong one's idiot's. Here, these are the right one's" . He grinned tossing them up to his Pape.

London glared at Dem. "What? It's not my fault. Numb nut brought these to me".

London ignored him and begin to remove the shorter string of light's.

" Why the fuck won't this blow up bastard  stay level? Is it too much to ask for help? " Heir called out in frustration.

We giggled as we watched him struggle with a ten ft. Blow up snowman. Finally CJ ran over and both men tried to steady it but the snowman was winning. Eventually Cole joined them and tried to tie it down as it flopped about in the wind. "Who's idea was it to have all these blow up displays?" Cole yelled.

" who the fuck you think? " London yelled down from his spot on the ladder

Again we stiffled our laughter only to burst out when London begin to curse loudly in Italian as he waved his hands at the rope of light's. Apparently one was burned out and they couldn't locate it . After many trials and errors the lights finally blinked to life. The men then begin to decorate the four huge fir trees that dotted the lawn as I awaited for my two dozen  poinsettias to arrive.

Seeing the men argue amongst themselves long enough, I returned to the kitchen and begin to make my traditional after Thanksgiving meal... My famous leftover turkey salad. By the time I finished making it the men headed in and gathered around the table. "Really mom, we could hire a crew to come in and do all of this". King announced.

" true but this is about making memories, spending time together and being normal". I retorted.

After lunch the men returned to the outdoors while we gathered in the Den to watch Christmas movie's. Occasionally we would hear an argument, curse word or a tool being slung but by the time the sun set my home lit the night up. It was beautiful and they did an outstanding job. Naturally when they came in they all ransacked the kitchen for beer and leftovers.

As the night wore on I slipped away. Gathering myself up into a thick throw, I padded outside to take all of the Christmas splendor in. Standing in the middle of the lawn I spun around to see it all. When I stopped there stood London watching me. Always had an eye on me. I opened my throw up to him and welcomed the warmth his body brought. "It's beautiful baby. Thank you".

London simply grinned and after several minutes suggested we go in and get ready for bed. That was a good idea considering that tomorrow we all go in search of the perfect tree to cut down.

Here's a little goody!

Turkey Salad

2 cups cooked turkey shredded or chopped.
1/4 cup celery
1/4 cup cranberries dried.

1/2 cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper
1/4 cup of pecans

Serve on bread or over a bed of lettuce

Also feel free to share your favorite holiday recipes!!

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