Beaten in a Flash

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(Big thanks to IsraelYabuki for helping me with this story)

Morning arrives and you were beginning to stir as you woke up, still lying on the floor with your blankets covering up most of your body. You groaned as you got back up on your feet. "What time is it?" you asked yourself, turning to your alarm clock. The time read 7:00 A.M, which shocked you since you never slept more than 8 or 9 hours, but hey, there's always a first for everything, right?
Anyways, you turned to look at the mirror for no apparent reason, but were surprised when you saw something that was very strange about you. Your body, which was very slim, had grown some bulk, though not as bulky as Bulk Biceps, you still had a good build. Not to mention the nice 6-pack.
'Holy cow, did this seriously happen to me? This has got to be a dream, what other explaination could there be that got you this brand new body. Though, soon, your thoughts were interrupted when you heard your aunt Matilda as she knocked on your door. "Anon, are you alright?" she asked.
"Uh... I'm fine," you replied, still looking in the mirror.
"Any better this morning, any change?" Matilda asked. If she saw you right now, she'd have no idea how much of a change you went through.
"Uh... yup, big change," you said.
"Well, hurry up. You're gonna be late," Matilda said. So, after stealing yourself away from the mirror, you went over to your closet and picked out some nice clean clothes. But then, you stopped to look out your window to see Sunset, the beautiful girl of your dreams, brushing her hair and getting herself ready. Her beauty and natural charm just never seemed to have an off switch.
And so, after getting fully dressed, you ran down the first flight of stairs, then ran leaped up and ran against the walls all the way down. "Goodness me," Matilda said, startled.
Your uncle Crandy Doodle took a break from drinking his coffee to take a look at you, addressing your quick recovery in his own special way. "I thought you were sick," he smirked.
"I got better," you said.
"You see?" Matilda asked before you headed over towards the front door. "You haven't eaten anything, have you got your lunch money?"
"Yeah, I got it," you replied.
"Hey, Michaelangelo, don't forget, we're painting the kitchen after school, you got it?" Cranky asked.
"Sure thing, Uncle Cranky. Don't start without me," you said.
"Any don't start up with me," Cranky smirked with a thumbs up. You chuckled heading outside while your aunt and uncle continued eating their breakfast. "Teenagers. Raging hormones, they never change."
However, just as you walked out of the house, Sunset was also coming out of her home and was currently being harrassed by her deadbeat, crum bum, drunk father and she wasn't looking too happy. "You're trash! You're always gonna be trash, just like her!" he said.
"I have to go to school!" Sunset said.
"Ah, who's stoppin' ya," he argued back.
You shook your head at how disgustingly horrible this guy was towards his own daughter. The drunken bum didn't seem to like you staring at him when he saw you. "You know, you can be a real fucking dick. Just because you got laid off your job, doesn't give you a right to treat your daughter like that. It's fucking bums like you that make me wish you would just kill over, ya bum." Wow, you must've really grown some serious balls if you were gonna talk to her father like that.
"What the fuck did you just say, you little shit?" he asked, speed-walking towards you.
Now's your chance to walk away before you miss your bus. "You heard what I said, fuckface. Go to fucking hell, you useless drunken twat." And... he's pissed. His whole face was red with rage and came at you like a rampaging bull, but out of instinct, you just grabbed him by his dirty tank top collar and threw him overhead and landed him on his back hard. Now, listening to your brain, you bolted out of there before he could get up and come at you for a second helping.
'How the hell did I do that?' you asked in your mind.

You were able to catch up to Sunset, but you still kept a safe distance from her since she was probably still bummed out her dad saying all those shitty things to her earlier. You stopped for a second, watching her walk alone on her way to school. Of course, you tried to come up with the right thing to say to her, but you could only come up with whatever pops out of your head at the moment.
"Hi, Sunset," you said quietly. "I don't know if you realize this, but we've been neighbors since I was 6 and I was wondering if maybe we could get together sometime? Do something fun? I don't know, maybe I thought it'd finally be time to get to know each other..."
But sadly as you were quietly speaking these cheesy pickup lines, one of her friends drove up and picked her up, thus reigniting her smile and the sparkle in her eyes. And soon, they drove off to school "...or not," you said as she left, but you still felt a bit relieved that she was happy again. But then, your mind was brought to the attention of the school bus, which drove right past you. Acting quickly, you bolted up to the bus and knocked against the side of it to make the driver bus.
"Sorry, Anon, the bus is full," one of the students said with a smug face while some other student laughed as you tried to keep up with it as much as possible.
"Hey! Stop the bus!" you shouted. The other students weren't making it easier on you by laughing at your misery, mocking you and cheering about how you weren't on board with them. Your hand grabbed the banner attached to the bus and ripped it in half as you slowed down and nearly ran out of stamina. "COME BACK HERE, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" you shouted in anger. But to no avail. The bus was long gone, so your only chance was to run to school before the first bell would ring.
But before that, you tried to remove the banner that was stuck to your hand. Paper was never this sticky, in fact, the paper used to make the banner wasn't supposed to be sticky at all. Looking down at your hand, you wondered if this might've had something to do your current transformation. But there was no time to worry about that, school was almost about to start.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, in a giant manor, Oak Splinter had gotten all of his stuff ready and was about to head out for school when suddenly, the door to his brother's study was open and inside, he saw his brother laying on the floor. He ran in, checking up on Timber. "Bro, hey, are you alright?" he asked, helping him up, which Timber groaned and stirred. "What are you doing on the floor."
"I don't know," Timber said, looking confused.
"Have you been there all night, what's the story?" Oak asked. Timber's eyes looked down on the floor, trying to find out what happened to him.
"L-Last night, I was--" he paused when a sudden flash of his memory hit him and he turned back to his little brother, but was still confused of what happened
"What?" Oak asked. As far as Timber was concerned, it all felt like some sort of nightmare. And like most nightmares, they're easily forgotten.
"I don't remember," he said, while still looking confused.
"Mr. Spruce?" called out a female voice. The two brothers looked over at the doorway and saw Timber's secretary walking in, looking worried. Oak tried to hold her back.
"Sorry, my brother's not feeling well," he said, but she didn't listen.
"Mr. Spruce... Dr. Chips is dead," his secretary said, shocking Timber.
"What?" he asked, wide eyed.
"They found his body this morning in the lab. He's been murdered, sir." she said. Timber couldn't believe the news of his assistant turning up stiff. "And the flight suit and the glider... it's been stolen, sir." All of this was happening so fast for Timber that he didn't know what to think of it. It all felt like a bad dream to him, but what he doesn't know is that it wasn't all a dream. It was much worse.

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