[ch. 16] i want to learn the ways of the... whisk?

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"So, what are you doing here?" Sophie asked Keefe, grabbing another ripplefluff and shoving it in her mouth. Fitz was surprisingly an amazing baker. 

"I was going to ask Fitz if he wanted to play some bramble, but he wasn't picking up his imparter, which means he was definitely with you, and thus I came here." Keefe said proudly.

Fitz laughed. "Good job, you actually used your brain for once."

Keefe pouted. "Why are my friends so mean to me?"

"Maybe because you're kinda annoying." Ro said.

"Fair point." Keefe said, eating another ripplefluff.

Fitz frowned. "I made, like, 50 ripplefluffs. There's like five left! Who the hell ate them all?"

Sophie's eyes widened. "Uhh, it was Keefe!"

Keefe's eyes widened as well, crumbs of ripplefluff dropping from his mouth as he said, "I just got here!"

Sophie smiled uneasily, then sighed. "Okay, well, it's not like anyone else was going to eat them."

Fitz rolled his eyes. "Now everyone's going to let me finish this mallowmelt peacefully."

"Okay, I'm going to head back home, since Fitz looks like he's going to bake for the rest of the day."  Keefe said.

"Yeah, I am. Now shoo."

Fitz and Keefe did some weird complicated handshake thing. 

"Have fun with your boyfriend, Foster!" Keefe said, teasingly. Sophie just made a rude hand gesture. 

When Keefe and Ro left, Sophie got up and stood next to Fitz, watching as he added random Elvin stuff to the mixture. 

"Teach me how to bake, Fitz. I want to learn the ways of the..." Sophie trailed off. "the whisk...?" she finished, hesitatingly. 

Fitz laughed. "Fine. Here, you mix the batter now. To perfect mallowmelt, you have to mix the batter extremely well- there should be no lumps or anything." 

Sophie nodded, and grabbed the whisk from him. She grabbed the bowl, hugging it close to her as she began to whisk. 

"Jesus, who taught you how to whisk?" Fitz said, mock horrification on his face. 

Sophie rolled her eyes. "I asked you to teach me, asshat, not criticize my skills."

Fitz stood directly behind her, pressing his chest to her back. 

He's so warm, what the heck! Sophie thought.

Okay, that was a creepy thought. She thought back. 

Am I talking to myself?

What the hell is wrong with me?

Is this normal? Do people talk to themselves internally?

"Sophie?" Fitz asked, bringing Sophie back to the present.

"Yeah, sorry. Now teach me, Master Vacker." she said.

Fitz rose an eyebrow.

"Okay, well, you've never watched Star Wars. Anyways, continue."

"Alrighty. So, basically, you hold the whisk like this," he said, encasing her hand with his, "and you grasp the bowl like this," he used his other hand to move hers to the correct position.

Sophie blushed at the position they were in, his body covering hers.

Fitz dropped his head into the crook of her neck, letting go of her hands only to encircle her waist. 

Sophie stopped whisking.

"Nobody said you could stop, love. Keep going." Fitz mumbled. Sophie blushed again, and started to whisk again. 

He kissed her neck, trailing up to her ear, nibbling on it slightly. "Keep going." he whispered as she started to slow down. 

"SOPHIE?! FITZ?!" they heard a deep, paternal voice screech. 

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Sophie said, pushing Fitz off of her as she turned around smiling as sweetly as she could.

"Hi, Father! How are you on this lovely summer day?!" she said, overdoing the enthusiasm.

Grady was fuming.

"How was your day? Are you tired? You must be tired. Here, I made some delicious ripplefluffs, have a couple!" Fitz said, putting on his brightest smile. He went to put some ripplefluffs on a plate for Grady, only to find none left. 

"Sophie!" he hissed. 

"Sorry, they were so good!" she whispered back.

"Grady? What's going on?" they heard Edaline say as she came into view. 

"Well, I came into the kitchen only to find the Vacker boy and Sophie-"


Fitz and Sophie both blushed a crimson red.

"No, I mean, kind of, but that's not the point!" Grady reasoned.

"Oh come ON, Grady! Sophie's nearly 18 now. She's not a kid anymore!" Edaline said.

"Sophie, on behalf of your overprotective father, I apologize." Edaline continued, grabbing a still-fuming Grady and dragging him out of the kitchen. "HAVE FUN!" she yelled. 

"That was so embarrassing, oh my god." Sophie said. 

"Agreed." said Fitz. 

oof that was a bad ending

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