Chapter Thirteen: Emptier-

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A/NGif of Mitch being all confused bc he's cute --->

     I decided to search out Ash today. I woke up around lunch time, Tony was still passed out and there was no sign of Tyler. Alex was god knows where. I still wasn't up for seeing Finn. Finding Ash really seemed like the only worthwhile thing to do today.

    If I didn't do something, I'd most likely spend the day moping around the flat and driving myself crazy thinking about Tyler and what happened last night. Trying to make sense of it all. None of it was adding up.

    He never acted this way with Ash. Yeah, he would say stupid shit about his and his dead boyfriend's relationship, not to mention the rich guy he was shagging on the side. But come face to face, he never treated him the same way he was treating me.

    Confronting him about things probably wouldn't get me anywhere, knowing that guy. He'd just shut off the same as he always did. I could never tell what the hell he was thinking or feeling and to be honest, I was about ready to give up.

    With no mobile to call Ash on, I attempted to sway Kyle into letting me borrow his. I crept into his office, though I wasn't sure why I was bothering to be quiet, I had to wake the guy up anyway.

    I nudged my foot against the cushions he was sleeping on, which rocked backwards each time I did. Once Kyle showed signs of coming round, I said, “Kyle,” in a loud voice.

    He ignored me. “Kyle,” I repeated. Ignored again. So I turned to my annoying tactic and started repeating his name in the same monotone voice. “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...” hitting the cushions every time I said his name.

    Eventually he got so irritated that he gave in, throwing his coat from his shoulders so angrily that it flew across to the other side of the room. “Oh my fuck, what?” he screamed. I half expected froth to be seething through his clenched teeth.

    I smiled with victory. “I need to use your phone,”

    Kyle scoffed, wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth. “What do I get in return?” he seemed drunk, unable to keep himself upright, swaying back and forth. My eyes fell down to the empty bottle of Whiskey laying on its side, by the cushions.

    The little hair he had left was slicked back with weeks of grease, having not showered in a while. That much was obvious from the smell. His clothes were all stained and looked slightly damp in some areas. He wore a white shirt and ripped jeans.

    “I'll get you double what I usually pull in in two days, by tomorrow morning,” I wasn't too sure I could follow up on that but once I used his phone, it wouldn't much matter.

    “What d'you need it for?” he forced the mucus from the back of his throat, coughing it into his mouth and then spitting it at my feet. I felt sick to my stomach at the sight.

    “I gotta call Ash,” I'd said, while distracted by my pity. It was too late when I realised I probably shouldn't have told him the truth. Ash was no longer his favourite, to say the least.

    He made a strange noise of disgust and then said, “bastard, ungrateful fucking bastard that boy is. You're not calling that worthless shit from my phone, piss off.”

    “But Kyle–”

    “Gave him everything, I did!” he spat, again at my feet except it was stringier this time, not quite letting go of his lips as easily as the first. It dangled out of his mouth, swinging back and forth before snapping in the middle. Half of it fell onto his jeans, the other he sucked back into his mouth.

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