vodka & breezer

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"this school has this much audacity to hold a masquerade ball huh?" donghyuck said sipping on his coke like it's some alcohol.

"i literally can't tell who's who but watch me getting a boyfriend today." jaemin smiled through his silver mask which went great with his carbon black hair.

"y'all shut up i'm confused who's who." jisung, the younger one whined and started looking around for his crush.

"you still looking for that dolphin?" jaemin said and patted the younger's shoulder.

"i can't find him. i don't even know what he's wearing today for this so called fucking masquerade ball. seriously whose idea was it." jisung groaned and sipped on his sprite.

"our chemistry teacher was it. i heard from the tweets." hyuck chimes in.

"ew, lee taeyong? didn't he got another things to do." jaemin made a face of disgust while the other two laughed.

"he's clearly doing other works i see." jisung emphasise the other word while pointing at the crowd.

the two elder darts their head only to see their chemistry teacher dancing really close to the gym teacher.

a sigh escapes from donghyuck's mouth, "as expected. the teachers have more love in their lives, unlike us."

the other two just nodded head in unison.

"i have to pee. nature's call. i'll be back in a jiffy." jisung places his plastic cup on the table and make a go towards the bathroom.

coming out of the bathroom, he goes to wash his hands because hygiene is must.

his phone buzzes while a notification popped up his screen.

[one text from nana♡]

yo sung we're in the
back of the building
with some other kids
join us when you're done

couldn't you wait for me?
anyway i'll be there

sorry sung they were in
a bit rush

whatever i'm done
will be there

stepping in the back of the building he saw jaemin alone and ran to him as he waved his hand.

"hey where are the others?"

"follow me. they're in here." jaemin led him to a abandon place and saw a door.

jaemin knocked twice as a guy with a masquerade who was hard to decipher opened the door.

"hey jisung it's me mark lee." they do their bro hug or something.

"i literally didn't thought it would be you. seriously." they laughed.

"anyways come in, we have the drinks here." jisung ears perkes at this. he turned eighteen one month ago and he didn't got the chance to drink because of the exams.

"you got the drinks here?" as jisung and went in he saw everyone in masquerade just drinking with their red plastic cups.

"i never thought this place woild be this awesome." it was indeed cool. it only looked like it was never used or was just a store from outside but this was something else. LED lights all around with music blasting some kanye west and one direction or something.

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