Creatures behind the bleechers part 4

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chapter 5

Jason kept switching between conciseness and unconsciousness but finally she heard someones voice, not just someone but two people. “Jason, are you okay, can you hear me?” She heard someones voice say worriedly, wait not just someone, it was Chloe’s voice! “Chloe, is she okay, because i don’t know were we are.” Jason heard, this time a boys voice, speak softly, but this wasn’t just some boy, Jason recognized the voice to be Sammy’s! “Chloe, Sammy, were am I?” Jason said weakly. “Omg Jason are you okay, we thought you died!” Chloe exclaimed. “No i’m sort of fine, where's Sammy?” Jason said as she tried to get up. As Jason tried to get up she heard footsteps, then Sammy came into view when Jason saw him, she ran up to him and hugged him, then suddenly he wrapped his arms around her neck Jason froze and tensed up, Sammy let go of her and took a step back, Chloe stood there just starting at Jason. “I’m  sorry Jason If i  well invaded your personal space I thought you were dead so....Jason suddenly leaned forward and hugged sammy back, Now it was Sammy’s turn to be shocked. “You don’t have to be sorry Sammy.” Jason explained. Now Chloe is staring at Jason. “What was that you hate being touched by people, expecially hugged!” Chloe asked. “I don’t know?” Jason said “But thats not our problem right now our problem is where are we?” Jason finnished. They all just stood there trying to figure out where they were then suddenly it hit her they were behind the bleachers!! “Omg Chloe, Sammy we’re behind the bleachers!” Jason said loudly. They stopped and looked around, they were behind the bleachers, but the question was why and how did they get behind the bleachers. “Chloe, Sammy I’m gonna climb out from behind the bleachers and see whats going on.” Jason told Chloe and Sammy. Jason climbed to the top of the bleachers and realized that all of the lights were off she walked forward then suddenly the bleachers fell out from under her and she was falling and screaming, then “THUD!” she smacked the gym floor so hard that she left a crack in the wood. Jason stood up and noticed that she wasn’t dead, a fall that far would have killed a normal person, but I’m not a normal person am I? Jason thought. “Jason, Jason!” Jason heard Chloe’s frantic voice screaming from behind the bleachers. “Chloe I’m fine I just fell!” Jason yelled back. “Fell from where?!?” Chloe screamed again. “Were do you think I fell from, I fell from the top of the bleachers!” Jason responded. “Then why aren’t you dead!” Chloe of course screamed again. Jason decided that her throat started burning from all of the yelling so she said that she would go look around and be back soon. Jason walked around some when suddenly she heard a door opening, it was the big entrance doors to the gym. They started out by just creaking open then opened wider, suddenly Jason was caught in a light ray beaming from the doors, she suddenly hissed and saw a girl in the doorway freeze and turn a flashlight on Jason. Jason Screamed and suddenly started feeling strange she heard cracking, what was that? it was Jason!! She was growing wings! The girl in the doorway shrieked and suddenly 1 other  kid was at the door then she heard the girls scream in unison, “JASON!” suddenly they flooded into the gym and stared at her. It was Chelsea, and Shae! Her two best friends! but something was wrong they looked utterly horrified, what was it? Was it her that they were scared of?

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