Thirty Eight

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I didn't realize how much I missed his house until I stepped foot inside.

The spacious living room welcomed me with the kind of scent that I had always remembered. This very place held bittersweet memories. A lot of conflicts were brought up here and it was somehow relieving how we're still here. My eyes darted on the couch and all I could think were the beautiful moments Baekhyun and I shared on it. The hugs, the little kisses...the time when he was sick, or that one time he was too lazy to go back to his bed and persuaded me to just sleep here wanting to appreciate the minimal distance it offered.

Despite, the overwhelming things that happened today, I felt myself giving way for a subtle smile. I guess, the good stuff just outweighed the bad stuff somehow. I looked outside through the huge tempered glass wall and found out that it had started to snow once more and I was about to be drawn to it deeper if I hadn't noticed Baekhyun come in.

Turning around, I saw him with my luggage. His head was covered by snow and the tip of his nose kinda looked red. I suddenly felt so soft looking at him like a typical boyfriend helping his girlfriend with her things. I watched him bent to remove the snow on my luggage.

Before I could even think of another thing, I walked towards him and stopped in front of him. He must have noticed me right away causing him to slowly look up. I met his wondering eyes for a brief second before I raised a hand to remove the snow on his hair. I saw a hint of his eye smile the moment he realized what I was doing.

Honestly, I wanted to hug him so bad but I was scared I might cry, so I tried my best to ignore the gentle expression on his face as he stared at me.

"My bucket hat looks good on you."  His low voice, distracting me right away.

I met his gaze, not breaking it as I watched him sat on my luggage. He titled his head down for a moment before I felt him reaching out of my right hand.

"I wanna ask you if you're bad..." He said in a sad tone, his eyes on our hands. "But I know you're gonna lie and tell you are."

Oh, Baekhyun. He never ran out of ways to make my heart flutter. I knew he was sad and emotional too given the stuff that happened today but he just does this to my heart no matter what.

Bending my legs so I could talk to him, I gave his hand a squeeze to make him look at me. We held our gazes for a few seconds of silence before I lifted my free hand on his head to touch his cheek, my thumb caressing his soft skin. My hand probably felt warm against his cold skin, he closed his eyes at the contact.

He looked peaceful and I indulged myself staring at him, wanting to save this part in my memory.

"Baby?" I muttered, wanting and determined to put a smile on his handsome face.

His eyes flew opened, meeting mine right away. There was an obvious curiosity in the way he looked at me.

"Why are you calling me baby all of a sudden?" He asked in a wondering tone.

"Well..." I trailed off. "Aren't you my baby?" I reasoned out, in a gentle matter of fact tone as I removed my hands from his face to my knee. the time I counted to three, his full, breath-taking eye smile, accompanied by a pleasant sounding soft laugh brought butterflies in my stomach.

His lovely laughing voice caused the corners of my lips to turn upwards.

"Damn..." He uttered, shaking his head sideways, his lips still curved into a beautiful smile. "When did you get so good at this?"

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