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I believe in love at first sight...

But it's not the first moment  you lay your eyes on a person,

Its when you first see the person they truly are.

_Rantana Suzuki


When Ace had told me that we were doing nothing fancy for the date night I was relieved. I wasn't a big fan of upper class and I preferred something casual rather than fancy. But I was not at all prepared for the sight of Ace Callahan dressed so casually in all black. He was wearing a black turtle neck, with a black jeans and covered in a black denim jacket too. His hair was not styled back, it was messy. His facial hair grew from the last I've seen him and it added more ruggedness to him. It suited him better than a clean shave, but the only complain was I couldn't see the dimples I loved so much, but his smile would do for now.

He stood in the doorway of our apartment, leaning on the doorframe regarding a rather strict looking Noah with a small smirk. One of his hand held a single rose with a long stem and he looked much younger than he already was.

'Get her home before 10:30 boy. And no funny business, keep your-' his face was pushed away from the door by Imran who held a nervous smile and rubbed the behind of his neck.

'Excuse the dork Mr.Callahan, please come in' he welcomed in, pushing a complaining Noah again causing him to fall on the ground with a thud.

I let out a laugh at that and all their eyes snapped towards me. Noah murmured something incoherent under his breath as he stood up and walked away to the kitchen with a huff. Imran shook his head and stood beside Ace in a awkward stance. I never really understood the way Imran acted around him. He was all nervous and jumpy around him, unlike the usual confident Imran who scared guys away, he was the one who acted like a scared boy while Ace was present in the room. I just shrugged it off as him getting used to Ace and turned my gaze to the man who was able to knock the breath out of me with a single look.

His blue eyes were already on me, his lips pulled back into a small smile. He extended the rose towards me and I took it from his hands and smiled when I saw that there were no thorns.

'Have fun' I heard Ina whisper in my ear while Cindy greeted him.

'Shall we?' Ace gave me his hand to take and we walked out of the door after waving everyone bye.

'You are a sight to behold' he complimented and I flushed.

I was wearing a dark green winter dress with a turtle neck and long sleeves, paired with a dark cream cardigan and knee length boots. I thanked Cindy for the outfit idea, but let out a small laugh at his choice of words.

'Which historic drama did you just watch?' I teased while he opened the door for his fancy looking car.

He just laughed back at it while he took his seat in the driver position. I looked back to find Leo, but he was no where to be found.

'No Leo?' I questioned.

'No Leo' he confirmed with a shake of his head and turned on the ignition.

'And here I thought you guys were attached to the hip' I didn't know where all the previous jitters were gone.

'We're not!' he widened his eyes with a fake horror and it looked comical on his face.

'So, where are we off to?' I questioned as he pulled out of the driveway.

'To the movies' he answered and I was glad that he was not the kind of boyfriends who wanted to surprise their girlfriends and would never reveal the place until they get there. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for surprises unless I was not the one being surprised. Suspense or not knowing didn't sit well with me and I was said that I could be annoying. And also- wait! Did you just refer him as your boyfriend and you as his girlfriend Emily?

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